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The Centre for AAC is devoted to research and teaching on issues at the intersection of disability, augmentative and alternative communication and early childhood intervention. We strive to develop dynamic approaches that can affect and support the broader interest of one of the most vulnerable groups, even within the disability sphere, namely those individuals with little or no functional speech. However, none of this would be possible without collaboration.

The Centre’s growth over the last 24 years has been fueled by constant innovation and ongoing efforts to improve the research, teaching and community engagement efforts. We have strived to live out our mission of “Shifting horizon’s in disability”. However, we have not been alone in this process and therefore I would like to thank everybody most sincerely who contribute to our efforts: our staff, our Advisory Board, the management of the University of Pretoria, our alumni and current students, local and international partners, colleagues and peers and, last but most definitely not least, the many AAC users and their families who have let us into their lives.

Prof Juan Bornman

Published by Robyn White

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