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Teddies for Our Kids

The Cardiovascular Perfusion department is involved in a community outreach program in collaboration with the SAPS Moot Police Station Youth Desk. This collaboration was originally formed for the children that came for open-heart surgery in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Children are given a simple teddy bear before entering the operating theatre. This puts a little smile on their face and helps them cope with the frightening situation of all the doctors and needles and gives them something to hold on to in ICU.  These teddy bears have always been given to us as a donation. 

 The Moot Police Station Youth Desk helped provide teddy bears for our children. This concept is growing  as we are seeing  the need in other paediatric departments in the hospital and elsewhere. This is currently only a personal initiative from the Perfusion Department staff members but we are planning to expand the program as we involve other departments.

 The SAPS Moot Police Station Youth Desk is involved in many charity community projects. Their projects have seen clothes, toys, shoes and other necessities reach the community. They also do projects to benefit animals in need.

Planned Cardiovascular Perfusion Projects:

Toy runs for: Cardiothoracic Surgery, Paediatric Oncology, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatric Nephrology ecs. (Collaboration with the Moot Police Station Youth Desk)

“Warm for winter” project– Distributing blankets and food at the SPCA (Centurion and Waltloo)

Please follow the projects and updates on this space.


For more information on these projects please contact:

Ms. R. Marais – Cardiovascular Perfusion 
e-mail: [email protected]

 Mr. L.  Vreugdenburg – Moot Police Station Youth Desk 
Contact nr:  081 258 3794 
e-mail:        [email protected]

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