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Virtual Open Day and info for prospective TuksLaw students





Moving UP

Choose Tuks

How to survive Tuks

TuksLaw best in Africa and Top 100 in the world

The Faculty of Law in a nutshell

A day in the life of a TuksLaw student

Orientation information for 2019 to be made available in due course. 

How to choose between BA Law, BCom Law and straightforward four-year LLB degree and admission requirements

Broad outline of the Attorneys' profession versus the Advocates' profession

Do you have what it takes to study law? and

Checklist: Do you have what it takes to become a succesful law student and lawyer?

Checklist:  Criteria for an excellent law faculty

BA Law electives - page 6

BA Law electives - short description

Advice to candidate attorneys - Baker McKenzie, Africa Legal


We look forward to meeting you.


At TuksLaw, the sky is the limit!  UP, UP and away!  

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