H van Heerden

Prof Henriette van Heerden

BSc (UOVS) BSc Hons (UOVS) MSc (UOVS) PhD (Pret)
Associate Professor: Molecular Biology

Henriette van Heerden

Room 2-11
Paraclinical Building

+ 27 12 529 8265

[email protected]



Henriette van Heerden is a associated professor in the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases (DVTD) at UP.  At DVTD she is part of research projects in zoonotic diseases, primarily focusing on anthrax and brucellosis.  The projects are predominantly focused on bacterial zoonotic diseases with a specific emphasis on the epidemiology and diagnosis of diseases such as Brucella species and Bacillus anthracis as well as vaccine development. The aim is to improve the capability to understand, detect and control these diseases in wildlife and livestock. The strategies range from serological approaches to using genomic data to develop molecular diagnostic tools and markers.

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Professional and academic experience

  • 7 years experience as researcher
  • 4 years experience as lecturer

Subjects taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Molecular Biology

Research interests

Epidemiology, molecular diagnostics, recombinant vaccine development, epidemiology, phylogeny

Postgraduate Students

Graduated students at UP

Name of student

Degree/Title of dissertation/ thesis



B. Gaspar
(Masters coursework with dissertation)

M.Sc (Veterinary Tropical Diseases)
Determining the status of Brucella canis  in dogs in Maputo region in Mozambique using various techniques

Dr. H. van Heerden

Prof. J. Godfroid

A. Hassim
(Masters research)

M. Sc (Veterinary Science)
Molecular characterization of Bacillus anthracis in southern Africa

Dr. H. van Heerden

Dr. J. Rossouw

C. Gomo
(Masters Research)

M.Sc (Veterinary Science)
Characterisation of Brucella species in Zimbabwe

Dr. H. van Heerden


S.L. Chisi
(Masters coursework with dissertation)

M.Sc (Veterinary Tropical Diseases)
Evaluation of the performance of serological tests in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis in Kwa-Zulu natal in naturally infected cattle

Dr. H. van Heerden


O. C. Ndumnego

M.Sc (Veterinary Science)
Comparative studies on immunogenicity and protectivity of a live spore Bacillus anthracis vaccine vs. recombinant peptide and DNA vaccine in goats

Dr. H. van Heerden

Dr. W. Beyer
Dr. J.E. Crafford

M.B. Ledwaba

M.Sc (Veterinary Science)
Molecular characterization of Bacillus anthracis and Brucella species isolated from southern Africa

Dr H van Heerden

Me. A. Hassim

K. E. Lekota

Polyphasic and genome characterization of Bacillus species from anthrax outbreaks in animals in South Africa and Lesotho

Dr. H van Heerden

Dr. E. Madaroba
Dr. F. Muchadeyi
Dr. J Mafofo


Current postgraduate students

Name of student

Degree enrolled for and date of first registration

Proposed project title



A. Hassim

Postgraduate fellow

Transmission and evolution of a persistent pathogen: anthrax infection dynamics comparing two natural systems

Prof H. van Heerden


Solomon Jauro


Evaluation of veterinary non-living anthrax vaccine candidates in target animal species

Prof.  H. van Heerden

Dr. W. Beyer (Germany)

Jean Bosco Ntivuguruzwa


Prevalence of brucellosis and tuberculosis in Rwanda

Prof H. van Heerden

Prof Anita Michel

Oscar Madzingira


Brucellosis at the human-domestic animal-wildlife interface in Namibia

Prof H, van Heerden

Prof Dayo Fasina

Sunday Ochai

M. Sc

Roles of hosts and environment in the transmission of anthrax in Kruger and Etosha National Parks

Prof. H. van Heerden

Dr. W. Turner (USA)

Paul Habinana


Prevalence and characteristics of brucellosis from goats slaughtered with associated risk to abattoir workers in Kigali, Rwanda


Dr Francis Kolo

Ilse Voster


Comparison of gene expression profiles of caprine peripheral blood mononuclear cells following immunization with a non-living anthrax vaccine candidate

Prof H. Van Heerden

Dr. O.C. Ndumnego

Magrecia Hausiku


The frequency of brucellosis detection in cattle slaughtered in an Abattoir in Hammanskraal, South Africa

Prof H van Heerde

Dr. Francis Kolo

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