Posters 2019

AS How Important is Exercise as Part of Management

Authors: D.C. Janse van Rensburg, A. Jansen van Rensburg, C.C. Grant, D.A. Ramagole


Dermatological conditions in recreational athletes participating in a mass community based running event

Authors: IH Chauke, M Schwellnus, CC Grant, DA Ramagole, S Swanevelder, E Jordaan.


GIT Illness accounts for most days lost per single illness during the super rugby tournament

Authors: A Jansen van Rensburg; MP Schwellnus; DC Janse van Rensburg; E Jordaan; C Janse van Rensburg

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Investigation of the knowledge of SA high school rugby coaches on concussion

Authors: NC Abel, CC Grant, DC Janse van Rensburg

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