Posters 2016

Advantages of a 4 Week Bootcamp Exercise Intervention  Members Intervention Program for UP Staff Members. 

Authors: A Jansen Van Rensburg, PC Zondi, CC Grant, DC Janse Van Rensburg 

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Leisure cyclists at risk of medical complications: outcomes of online  preparticipation screening among 22 650 endurance cyclists, using current European guidelines - SAFER cycling

Authors: J Killops, M Schwellnus, DC Janse van Rensburg

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The REST-Q Recovery-Stress State to Quantify the Effect of Jet Lag in Travelling Athletes

Authors: A Jansen Van Rensburg, DC Janse Van Rensburg, CC Grant


Habitual Exercise Reduces Autonomic and Cardiovascular Risk Profile in Young Black African Males

Authors: PC Zondi, DC Janse Van Rensburg, CC. Grant, L Fletcher, A Jansen van Rensburg

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Acute Pre-Race Illness Reduces the Ability to Finish a Race: A Study in 7035 Runners

Authors: MP Schwellnus, A Van Tonder, S Swanevelder, E Jordaan, W Derman

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Does Physical Activity Levels in South African Children Compare to Recommended Levels set by International Standards?

Authors: DC Janse van Rensburg, CC Grant, I Minnaar, A Jansen van Rensburg, PC Zondi, L Fletcher

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Neck Injury - Rugby Beware the Recurring Stinger.

Authors: PC Zondi, DC Janse van Rensburg

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