Partnerships and Collaboration




Prof GE Swan

Dean, Veterinary Science

Pharmacologist, co-supervisor previous students

Prof CJ Botha

Head: Paraclinical Sciences, UP

Toxicologist and co-supervisor previous students

Dr J Picard

Bacteriologist, UP 

Co-supervisor previous students

Dr S Magano

Entomologist, UISA.

Co-supervisor previous students

Prof E duToit

Plant Production, Univ. Pretoria

Co-supervisor student

Dr D. Luseba

Animal production, TUT

Co-supervisor previous student EVM project

Prof P van Wyk

  Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Univ Limpopo

Co-supervisor previous student

Prof L Mampuru

Microbiology, University Limpopo

Co-supervisor previous student

Dr S Bisschop

Head Poultry Reference Lab, UP

Joint project and co supervisor previous student

Dr Rob Toms

Entomologist, Transvaal Museum

Co-supervisor previous student

Dr I Sattler

Phytochemist, Jena, Germany

Joint project with previous student

Prof R van Brummelen

MD Biomox Pharmaceuticals, Pretoria

Co-supervisor student, industrial application, funding

Mr J Mentz

MD Bioextracts Ltd

Commercialization of products

Dr J Oosthuyse

MD Healthtek Laboratories, Midrand

Commercialization of products, funding

Mr R Genade

MD AAFC, Brenn-o-kem,

Commercialization of products, industrial

Dr J Wallace

Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland

EUFP effect of plant extracts on animal production. Co-supervisor student

Prof Berhanu Abegaz

Chemistry, Botswana

Antifungals from invasive plant species, joint project

Prof Chlodwig Franz

Institute for Applied Botany, University Veterinary Science, Vienna

EUFP effect of plant extracts on animal production, Co-supervisor student

Dr G Schmelzer

PROTA, Wageningen, Netherlands

Joint project AAMPS

Prof A Gurib-Fakim

University of Mauritius

Collaborate AAMPS

Mr T Brendler

MD PhytoPhile, Berlin, Germany

Collaborate AAMPS

Mr D Phillips

MD Denzil Phillips International

AAMPS and Commercialization products

Dr DKaterere

Medical Research Council, Cape Town

Co-supervisor previous student

Dr J Morrison

CSIR, Innovation Hub

Co-supervisor student

Prof. A Scagliarini

University Bologna, Italy

Supervisor student registered in Italy

Dr A Vatta

Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute

Co-supervisor previous student

Prof S Songca

Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha

Co-supervisor previous student

Dr R Chikwambe

CSIR, Pretoria

Co-supervisor previous student

Prof PJ Jooste

Tshwane University of technology

Co-supervisor student

Dr Nivan Moodley

CSIR Bio-Chemtech

Co-supervisor previous student

Prof Judith Hohmann

University of Szeged, Hungary

Joint project, honeybush tea

Prof Johannes Novak

Veterinary University, Vienna, Austria

Joint project, malaria quality control

Prof N Lall, ,

University of Pretoria

Joint projects of students/patents

Dr EE Elgorashi and Dr E Madoroba,

Onderstepoort Veterinary institute (OVI) Department of Agriculture, Onderstepoort

Joint projects of students 

Prof E Buys of.

 University of Pretoria,

Joint projects of students

Dr C van Wyk,

University of Pretoria,

Joint projects of students

Prof PJ van der Vyver

University of Pretoria.

Joint student projects

Dr C Baker

University of Limpopo, Medunsa Campus.

Joint projects

Prof Gerda Fouche

CSIR, Biosciences

Joint project co-supervisor students



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