Research Projects

Current research projects within the Department


Cellular Physiology - Cancer

  1. Angiogenic, apoptotic and autophagic profiling of chronic myeloid leukaemia patients’ platelets ex vivo before and after treatment with Imatinib 
  2. Radiosensitization of cancer cells with sulphamoylated estradiol analogues
  3. Glutamine deprivation and cancer cell survival 
  4. The long-term effects of physiological glucose levels on tumourigenic – and non-tumourigenic cell lines


Cellular Physiology - Neuroendocrine

  1. The role of the alternative estrogen receptor GPER in breast cancer progression and metastasis
  2. The differential effects of KISS1R and its ligand kisspeptin on breast and prostate cancer
  3. Investigating the role of cell-to-cell communication in determining metastatic behaviour of breast cancer cells in an in vitro 3D tumour model


Cellular Physiology - Bone

  1. In vitro effects of free fatty acid receptor 4 agonists on breast cancer-induced osteoclastogenesis in RAW264.7 murine macrophages
  2. In vitro effects of palmitoleic acid on osteoblast differentiation in SaOS-2 osteosarcoma cells and human adipose-derived stromal cells
  3. Modulation of osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation and activity by G-protein coupled receptor 120 and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors


Applied Morphology

  1. The effect of aspirin and lipopolysaccharide binding protein on hypercoagulability induced by lipopolysaccharide
  2. A morphological and physiological analysis of red blood cells in relation to serum ferritin in patients suffering from hereditary type 1 hfe-associated hemochromatosis
  3. Migraine as a systemic inflammatory disorder: a hematological and morphological assessment
  4. An ultrastructural investigation into the hypercoagulable state of breast cancer patients and the implications of the disease
  5. Investigating the ultrastructural and viscoelastic properties of whole blood, with a specific focus on erythrocytes, in poorly controlled type 2 diabetes
  6. Investigating erythrocyte normality, inflammation, and coagulation in elite- level track athletes
  7. Determining the biophysical and biochemical properties of erythrocytes in elite-level rugby players.


Exercise and Sport

  1. Reliability and usefulness of a performance-based testing battery in youth sport academy athletes
  2. Training load in competitive student hockey players
  3. Effect of whole-body electromyostimulation on physical fitness in sedentary females 
  4. The relationship between changes in wellbeing scores and physical performance tests in soccer players 
  5. Physical fitness, chronic pain severity and interference of older adults residing in Gauteng
  6. Sleep quality and wellbeing of university hockey players
  7. Correlations between training load, wellbeing and health of university hockey players
  8. Dietary supplement intake and influencing factors of TuksSport student-athletes 
  9. Activity and fitness levels of the aging population residing in Gauteng
  10. The relationship between waist circumference and forced vital capacity in elderly individuals residing in Pretoria
  11. The measurement characteristics of upper-quarter posture in female adolescents: a comparison between competitive freestyle swimmers and non-swimmers
  12. The epidemiology and associated risk factors for muscle strain injuries in endurance running athletes
  13. The epidemiology and associated risk factors for achilles tendon injuries in endurance running athletes
  14. The relationship between independence in activities of daily living and fitness levels in the elderly individuals residing in Pretoria
  15. Comparison between measured and estimated fitness levels in the elderly residing in Pretoria



  1. Neuropsychological well-being and burnout


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