Research Accolades

Faculty Day (24 August 2023)

Congratulations to the following students that took part at Faculty Day:

  • Best oral presentation in the master’s category - Ms Gabriella Pereira 
  • First prize for Honours work presented as a poster - Ms Christie Megaw

SASBCP (24 – 27 August 2023)

  • Best oral presentation in Basic Pharmacology - Ms H Parkar

Faculty Day (23 and 24 August 2022)

Congratulations to the following persons

  • First prize in the Emerging Academic CategoryMs H Parkar.
  • Second prize for the Advanced Academics CategoryProf W Cordier
  • Third overall prize for an e-poster as part of the Honours Degree students - Mr D Chetty 

SASBCP (October 2022)

Congratulations to all the winners (Supervisors and co-authors) of the respective categories:

  • Poster Merit Award: Ms H Parkar - Enhancement of wound healing by acellular dermal scaffold alternatives in secondary intent wounds - Supervisors and co-author - Prof V Steenkamp, Prof D Cromarty and Ms S Mlambo-Bekoun Adja
  • First Prize Best Poster (Basic): Ms J de Carvalho - Development and validation of an in vitro model of the blood brain barrierSupervisors Dr M Balmith and Dr B FlepisiI van den Bou
  • Shared Second Prize Best Poster (Basic): Mr D Chetty and Ms S Mlambo-Bekoun Adja - Respectively - An in vitro investigation on the effects of an oestradiol derivative, C16 in breast cancer cells Supervisors - Dr B Flepisi, Dr M Balmith and Prof A Mercier
  • Third Prize Best Poster (Basic): Ms Priyanka Sook - An in vitro investigation of the effects of glioblastoma and breast cancer conditioned media on the permeability of the blood brain barrier Supervisor and co-author - Dr M Balmith, Dr B Flepisiand Ms X Mokoena
  • Second Prize Best Podium (Clinical): Ms Christie Megaw - Dieticians' knowledge and perceptions of food and factors affecting it - Supervisors -N Olivier, Prof W Cordier
  • Second Prize Best Podium (Basic Track): Ms Xolisilie Mokoena - Effects of glioblastoma cells on brain endothelial cell growth, migration, permeability, and tight junction proteins in vitro. - Supervisors - Dr M Balmith, Dr B Flepisi
  • Social Award: Mr Keith Ncube 

SACCMA (October 2022)

  • Best student oral presentation – Mr K Ncube - Characterization of BT-20-triple-negative breast cancer spheroid models cultivated under dynamic and static conditions - Supervisor: Prof W Cordier
  • Best flask talk – Ms C de Moura - Cytotoxicity of EGTA, verapamil, CHC and doxorubicin in BT-20 triple negative breast carcinoma spheroids - Supervisors: Prof W Cordier, Dr J Serem, Mr K Ncube


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