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F M Russell

Title: Structure in mobile discreet-particle nonlinear lattice excitations

Abstract: The discovery that natural crystals of muscovite mica could record permanently the passage of charged particles opened a new way to study the interaction of swift particles with crystalline materials. [...]

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J F R Archilla
Title: Discrete breathers in silicate layers

Abstract: The existence of reconstructive transformations in layered silicates that occur at 1000 C below the expected temperature suggests the existence of nonlinear localized vibrations (breathers) that appear in the cation layer. Their properties  and statistics are calculated, showing that their energies and concentrations are large enough to have an enormous influence in reconstructive transformations. However, their energies and velocities are small to be considered as   candidates for quodons that travel along the crystal with energy enough to eject an atom at the surface as shown in an experiment. [...]

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P A Selyshchev
Title: Non-linear Effects in Materials Under Irradiation
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P A Selyshchev
Title: Droplet Growth Under Irradiation
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P A Selyshchev,
V I Sugakov
Title: Precularities of Creep Temperature Dependance in Irradiated Materials
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V I Sugakov
Title: The peculiarities of formation of implanted atom concentration beyond the ion range

Abstract: The spatial distribution of implanted atoms and points defects, created by irradiation, in the space beyond the projective ion range are calculated. An existence of motionless complexes of the vacancies with implanted atoms is suggested.  The modelling has shown that beyond the ion range a region, in which the total concentration  of the free vacancies (thermal and created by irradiation) is by several orders of magnitude less than a concentration of vacancies at the thermodynamical equilibrium, arises. [...]

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V I Dubinko
Title: Foundations of the rate theory of radiation effects with account of non-linear excitations in crystals

There is an increasing experimental data on so called long range effects produced by very low energy ions in crystalline solids. Specifically, when a crystal of mica muscovite (an insulating solid with a layered crystal structure) was bombarded with alpha-particles (< 1 keV) at a given point, atoms were ejected from remote points on another face of the crystal, lying in atomic chain directions at more than
10 mm distance from the site of bombardment. This experiment presents a direct evidence for the existence of the lattice solitons (known also as “discrete breathers” (DBs) or “quodons”) [...]
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V A Borodin
Title: Molecular dynamics modeling of crack propagation in bcc-Fe

Abstract: Ferritic-martensitic steels are among the primary candidates for heavy-duty applications in advanced fission and future fusion energy systems, especially in critical units such as the fusion reactor first wall. In addition to many advantageous
properties these steels have certain drawbacks, in particular - the inherent low-temperature brittleness. [...] In this report we review our results on molecular dynamics (MD) modeling of microcrack propagation in iron demonstrating that it is closely related to localized plastic transformations near crack tips. The detailed mechanisms of this plastic transformation for the preferential crack orientations in iron are quite uncommon and involve the formation of slip bands, rather than commonly assumed dislocations.
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S E Donnelly
Title: In-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Observations of non-Linear Processes Induced by Ion Impacts on Solids

Abstract: Experimental systems combining one or more ion accelerators with a transmission electron microscope (TEM) enabling observation of ion-beam induced radiation damage at high magnification in real time. Permit study of the formation and development of defects at the nanoscale during ion irradiation, often providing insights into fundamental properties and processes that are difficult to obtain by other means.
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