The workshop was centered around a wide range of topics such as: 

  • mechanisms of "track" formation under passage of heavy charged partic
  • les through materials; the structure of "tracks";
  • mechanisms of nonlinear interactions between radiation-induced excitations and crystal defects;
  • physical effects beyond the penetration depth of implanted ions ("long range" effect);
  • evolution of hetero-and multicomponent systems under irradiation;
  • formation and evolution of the radiation-induced defect structures; self-organization under irradiation;
  • phase field, mean field rate theory and dislocation dynamics;
  • ab initio molecular dynamics and kinetic Monte Carlo modeling of radiation effects;
  • lattice solitons, intrinsic localized modes, discrete breathers and quodons;complex and nonlinear dynamical systems; stochastic effects in nonlinear systems;

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