Research Projects

Research Projects in the focus areas include the following:


  • Zygoma-complex fracture, reduction and stability by means of miniplate osteosynthesis over the malar process, without any extemal facial incisions
  • Long-term infection with facial fractures
  • Long-term occlusal stability with facial fracture
  • Unique locally-developed biomechanical laboratory test apparatus for the evaluation of rigid fixation concepts in the treatment of jaw fractures
  • Development and biomechanical stability testing of newly-patented plates and screws for use in internal rigid fixation


Temporomandibular joint

  • Artificial TMJ prosthesis, titanium-coated with titanium-nitride, for the end-stage TMJ cases, long-term results and redesigning



  • The surgical management of OCSI and new designs
  • The pitfalls in the surgical and prosthetic management of the OCSIs
  • The long-term results of implanto-orthognathic reconstructive surgery: implant loss and replacement
  • Comparison of different implant-systems in the same host 


Orthognathic Surgery

  • Computerised application of the profilocephalometric analysis [with JA Pretorius]
  • Modification of the sagittal split osteotomy for prevention of intra-alveolar nerve injury
  • Osteotomy for various implanto-orthognathic reconstructive surgeries, and the long-term success


Cleft Facial Deformity

  • Surgical modification of Broadbent procedure in the bilateral cleft lip for a better aesthetic appearance
  • The long-term appearance of children treated surgically by the unilateral anatomical lip plasty


Surgery for Pathological Conditions

  • Recurrent ameloblastoma, diagnostic planning and surgical management.
  • Heamangioma: Treatment modalities in the head and neck region.    

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