About the CII

About the CII

The Construction Industry Institute, based at The University of Texas at Austin, is a consortium of more than 130 leading owner, engineering-contractor, and supplier firms from both the public and private arenas. These organizations have joined together to enhance the business effectiveness and sustainability of the capital facility life cycle through CII research, related initiatives, and industry alliances. A learning organization with a wealth of knowledge and information, CII is unique in the engineering and construction industry.


CII is a leader in the construction industry, creating and implementing research-based knowledge to measurably improve the effectiveness and sustainability of capital facilities delivery. The increased business success that CII member organizations experience enables these participating industry leaders to make breakthroughs in the life cycle value of capital facilities. The lifecycle includes the front-end planning phase and project execution, e.g. building of the capital facilities.


The purpose of CII is to measurably improve the delivery of capital facilities.


CII creates global, competitive, and market advantages for its members through its research-based, member-driven creation of knowledge and CII Best Practices. The institute’s ability to disseminate this knowledge and assess its implementation gives members a decisive industry edge. Employees of CII member organizations cooperatively engage with leading academics to generate CII knowledge; this unprecedented partnering of industry and academia creates the perfect forum for identifying the most significant opportunities for industry improvement. These industry participants and academics also benefit from the professional development and career advancement this collaborative effort provides.

Background to CII 

A number of Southern African Companies are members of the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and benefitted from the use of some of the CII best practices and other participation, like Research, Annual Conferences, Communities of Practice and Benchmarking.  South Africa Members agree CII membership is valuable, but full participation in CII (although globalised) in the USA is costly and inefficient.  CII intends to expand its global reach and confirmed their interest to assist with the establishment and support of a CII Chapter in South Africa.  The purpose of this document is to outline the value proposition and gain support from the private and public sectors to establish such an initiative in South Africa.

CII - Africa Chapter

The CII – Africa Chapter wish to establish a platform for capital project owners, governmental agencies, contractors, and suppliers to capitalise on the benefits offered by CII membership.  CII - Africa Chapter will leverage on the International CII knowledge database and processes with the aim of maximizing the Southern African construction industry population’s exposure to the offering of the CII.  The CII - Africa Chapter will furthermore contribute to the International CII offering in knowledge management through the participation by executive-level personnel in CII core processes (research, implementation, education, benchmarking & metrics, breakthrough strategy, and globalisation). The CII – Africa Chapter will also give Africa based members the ability to undertake research activities and benchmarking to local areas of interest.  Local membership will be offered at a substantial discount to the USA rates. 


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