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Prospective students must consult the Postgraduate Faculty yearbook and Programme search for more information on the programmes offered.

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The Department of Financial Management offers the following postgraduate degrees:


  • BComHons Financial Management Sciences  Brochure for BComHons Financial Management Sciences.
Obtaining the degree BCom (Hons) Financial Management Sciences is the first important step on the postgraduate study ladder. The career opportunities in the financial discipline are numerous. The majority of decisions taken by the management of all business concerns have a financial implication. Therefore a strong foundation of the financial discipline is required for people to approach and solve business decisions on a scientific basis. Postgraduate study could make a significant contribution to this with graduates who:
  • have the underlying scientific knowledge of the financial discipline;
  • are willing to identify and accept opportunities and challenges in the financial world;
  • are willing to work hard and obtain the required experience.

No university can claim to produce ready-made financial managers. This is also not the purpose of the postgraduate training in Financial Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria. A large part of that, which the student must ultimately know and be, to qualify as successful manager, can only be instilled by practical experience and personality development. The main requirement, however, is that the student must have the potential ability to eventually fill a management position. The student therefore needs to be prepared for this goal. Students need to get a broad perspective of the many variables involved in being a financial manager.


  • BComHons Investment Management   Brochure for BComHons Investment Management Sciences.

The Department of Financial Management introduced a postgraduate programme in Investment Management in 2008. This degree focuses on the following areas of Investment Management: Ethics, Equity Valuation, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Economics, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, Alternative Investments, Behavioural Finance and Research Methodology. In addition to the theoretical component, the degree also incorporates a practical component.



The PhD degree in Financial Management Sciences is obtained by completion of modules and a dissertation.

The purpose of this qualification is to provide candidates with specialist expertise in the field of financial or investment management in order to facilitate and promote financial decision-making of the highest standard, the continual development of a high level of cognitive knowledge, skills and attitudes and the development of current research to contribute to the development and understanding of a specific field of interest.

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