Honorary Doctorate at the Faculty of Education

Posted on May 15, 2017


A former teacher, counsellor and psychologist, she is the author or co-author of 17 books and many articles and book chapters. Her first book, Classroom Practice: Teacher Images in Action, was based on her doctoral research. Other books were based on research into teachers and children’s experiences in and out of schools such as Composing Diverse Identities and Places of Curriculum Making. She co-authored Composing Lives in Transition (2013), a narrative inquiry of the experiences of youth who left school before graduating and Narrative Conceptions of Knowledge, based on research on early career teacher attrition. She authored three books on narrative inquiry: Narrative Inquiry; Engaging in Narrative Inquiry and Engaging in Narrative Inquiry with Children and Youth. Her books have won awards from the American Educational Research Association.

Dr Clandinin is the winner of many awards from the American Educational Research Association, the International Study Association of Teachers, the Canadian Education Association and the Canadian Association of Teacher Education. Currently she is working on research about the educational experiences of Aboriginal youth and families, familial school readiness practices of indigenous families and a study of the relational ethics of narrative inquiry.

Dr Clandinin's research has had a profound impact on the related areas of teacher knowledge in the field of education, teacher education and narrative inquiry. Her research on teachers' personal practical knowledge has altered understanding of the role that teachers play in curriculum making in their classrooms ad of the need for incorporating this knowledge into teacher education programmes. She has been instrumental in the development of narrative inquiry as a methodology for conducting research in the social sciences.

Up to 23 students received a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education; 252 students received BEd in Further Education and Training: General; 42 students were awarded the Bachelor of Education Honours degree while six were awarded the Teacher Education and Professional Development.

Five students were awarded the degree in Master of Education in Assessment and Quality Assurance in Education and Training while six in Education Management, Law and Policy and 11 in Educational Leadership.

René Beyers has received the award as best student in the degree BEd Further Education and Training: General.

Dr Paul Ngoako was awarded the Doctor in Philosophy degree with his thesis ‘Role players’ understanding of public schools principals’ legal responsibilities regarding financial management in Limpopo’ with Dr Agnes Mohlakwana from the Department of Education Management as Supervisor.

Dr Musa Absalon Thambekwaya was awarded the Doctor in Philosophy degree with his thesis ‘Reflecting on experience in educational leadership development through mentorship in Mpumalanga’ under Dr Chika Sehoole, Dean of the Faculty of Education, as his Supervisor.



- Author Annalize Brynard
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