Videos: Create and Publish

Quality instruction requires students to come to class prepared, as this enables new teaching to build actively on existing knowledge. Students can prepare for the class watching videos. We want to encourage all the lecturers to create and upload videos to YouTube and linked to the video in clickUP. For YouTube videos URLs to be zero-rated, please see the guidelines. You can use your own laptop or cell phone to create videos: 

  • Narrated PowerPoints: Guidelines & Video
  • Blackboard Collaborate is a video conferencing tool in clickUP. You can also use Blackboard Collaborate to create and record a video: Guidelines & Tutorials
  • Create your own videos using your cell phone: Guidelines
  • Upload a video to Google Drive or YouTube: Guidelines
  • Search for an appropriate video/material from YouTube
  • In-video assessment: H5P is the software you can use to add interactive elements (including questions) to an existing video. The interface is accessible through clickUP. When you add quizzes to videos, students’ attempts at the quizzes will be recorded in the Grade Centre: Guidelines
  • Creating Digital Lectures self-help module

Upload your videos to YouTube and then link to it from clickUP

YouTube videos and videos distributed through Google drive use minimum data because it automatically adjusts to your internet speed and to the dimensions of your screen (computer or cell phone). YouTube and Google Drive stream the video to your computer in pockets of data while watching. Students will be able to save YouTube videos and videos distributed through Google drive for offline viewing. Never a video into clickUP, your students will have to download the full-sized video before they can start watching it. Therefore, please upload your videos to YouTube (as unlisted) or Google Drive and then embed the YouTube URL into clickUP

Video assessment and tools (H5P software)

All academics and students have access to new interactive video and content in clickUP. There are many benefits to using videos for the preparation for class. Although it is possible to produce videos using your mobile phone, it is easier to search for an appropriate video from EdX, MITx, YouTube, Khan, or any other educational video site. A lecturer can embed interactive quizzes into videos and track student results in the Grade Centre. These newly added features are available in clickUP. 


The EI video team is available to assist staff with audio-visual related issues, tips and tricks and will try to help staff overcome obstacles they may be experiencing in producing your own video lectures. Please complete this request form and the EI video team will help you. You can call them during office hours: 


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