Elmien van Amerom

Elmien van Amerom

Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
Tel: +27 12 420 3128
E-mail: [email protected]

Research Interests:

  • Curriculum design and development.
  • Student Engagement techniques and tools.
  • Use of Bloom’s taxonomy in the facilitation of learning, development of learning outcomes, as well as compilation of assessment questions.
  • E-tutoring.
  • Assessment analysis of formative and summative assessments.
  • Facilitation of learning with technology tools.
  • Large class teaching.


  • Maré WPC; Crous MJ. A theoretical perspective on the furtherance of entrepreneurship and business acumen amongst secondary school pupils. 8th Annual Conference of the International Council for Small Business (Southern Africa) 23-24 April 1995.
  • Crous MJ; Van Amerom WPC. Building for the future by teaching entrepreneurship in South African Schools. Euro PME Etudes Et Recherche 2nd Conference Internationale in Rennes/St Malo France. ISBN Nr 2-9515566-0-8. 30 September - 2 October 1999.
  • Van Amerom, WPC. 2005. “Active/interactive learning facilitation in large classes.” Journal for New Generation Sciences Volume 3 Number 2.
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  • Van Amerom, WPC. 7 May 2015. Setting the exam paper with assessment principles in mind. Teaching and Learning Brown Bag of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. University of Pretoria.
  • Van Amerom, WPC. 3 September 2015. Engaging Students in Learning. Teaching and Learning Brown Bag of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. University of Pretoria.

Current activities:

  • Implementation of an e-tutoring system in the Faculty of EMS at UP.
  • Implementation of learning communities in the Faculty of EMS at UP.
  • Professional development aimed at assisting lecturers in improving their instructional classroom and assessment practices.
  • Developing online PODs for the use of educational technology tools in the facilitation of learning.
  • Developing a quality assurance framework for assessment practices in the Faculty of EMS.

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