Contact Sessions

Contact Sessions:

Virtual contact sessions will take place during the Covid-19 lockdown period. It will take place on a Saturday in order for students to attend off campus.

The presentations will also be available online after the contact sessions

Admin information booklet, Chapter on Contact Session.

Students have three contact sessions for this programme:


  1. ICT (ClickUP) training
  2. A short academic contact session providing programme orientation
  3. A short academic contact session providing the review of the work done in preparation for examinations

The venues for the academic contact sessions, as well as the examinations, are listed in the digital administration booklet (Admin Booklet  2),  which is accessed by students at the start of their studies.

Students are strongly advised to attend the two short academic contact sessions. Students who attend these sessions tend to gain a better understanding of the course content and are generally more successful in their studies.

It is compulsory to register in order to attend the academic contact sessions. Students who do not register but still arrive for the academic contact sessions will have to pay R200 for any of the short academic contact sessions they attend. If too few students register for the contact session at a particular venue, the University will cancel the contact session at that venue. Students will then be advised of other venues that are available.

The University continuously monitors the distribution of students across the country. It uses this information to expand its contact session venues in some cases or, if numbers drop, to move or close certain venues.


Each module has a dedicated e-library page, which provides access to all resources required to complete learning activities.

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