Department of Library Services Newsletter - Issue 1 - 2022

06 January 2022
This newsletter is intended to convey the events and news of the Department of Library Services. Enquiries can be directed to Mrs Elsabé Olivier (email: [email protected])

News and Events

Director's welcome message 2022
Ms Lindiwe Soyizwapi

Welcome back at the Department of Library Services (DLS) at the beginning of 2022.

It is my great pleasure to welcome all of you this year.

The last two years have represented a period of disruption which has accelerated our resolve to continue making a meaningful contribution to the University. While uncertainty remains, we will continue to be directed by the Response Team to align with the University policies and guidance on health protocols. We plan to open our spaces for greater in-person services, we will continue to offer a continuity of online services for remote consultations for all services, alignment with the hyflex (hybrid flexible) model that serves all students, staff, and the university community, no matter where they are.

The academic landscape and strategic priorities of the DLS are important markers to direct our actions. We are also directed by the values that we hold dear.

I am committed to working with you all and our management team to implement actions that support wellbeing and encourage learning and development. We now have a strong foundation for digital and open scholarship, highly regarded collections and inspired staff. Let us continue our tradition as partners, co-creators, and supporters of the academic project.

  • We recognize our users as our primary focus,
  • We believe in excellence, inclusivity, and equity of access,
  • We cherish academic freedom, creative and innovative thought, ethical standards and integrity, accountability and social justice,
  • We foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity and lifelong learning in a welcoming and conducive environment,
  • We encourage intentional partnerships to achieve shared goals, and
  • We are committed to being stewards of our human, environmental, financial, physical, and digital resources.

Thank you for your passion and the contributions you make. It is an important contribution to the success of our community. Let us enhance excellence in support of research, teaching, engagement, and impact.

Welcome back colleagues, and I trust we will have a great year ahead.

- Author: Ms Lindiwe Soyizwapi
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