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Jopie Fourie Primary School (Web) Group 1

Jafta Mahlangu SS (Maths) Group 2

Computer repairing for Pen Group 3

Computer training: Mamelodi Group 4

Prof Pi (Mathematics) Group 5

Kutumela Molefi PS (Cage for gas cylinders) Group 7

Computer training: Mamelodi Group 8

Central Islamic School (Maths) Group 10

Hofmeyr Secondary School (Computer repairing) Group 11

Cats' 9 Lives (Cage) Group 14

SPCA Centurion (Renovation) Group 15

Husky Romi Sanctuary (Building project) Group 16

Pretoria PS (Renovation) Group 17

Bekekayo Intermediate School (Website) Group 18

Bester Birds and animal zoo Group 19

Laudium Secondary School (Website) Group 20

Hulwazi Secondary School (Mathematics) Groep 21

Boschkop PS (Books) Group 23

HS Stella (Sport field) Group 24 and 26

Zwartkop Air Force Museum (Renovation)  Group 25

Husky Romi Sanctuary Group 27

Computer training: Mamelodi campus Group 28

Laerskool Genl Beyers (Website) Group 30

Kutumela Molefi Primary School (Renovation) Group 31

Laerskool Meyerspark Group 32

Tshwaraganang Group 34

New Life Pre-School (Renovation) Group 36

Pretoria Primary School (Renovation) Group 37

Reikhuditse PPS (Education) Group 38

SPCA (Centurion) Group 39

Bekekayo Intermediate School (Renovation) Group 40

Moreko High School  (Computer training) Group 41

Kutumela Molefi PS (Renovation) Group 43

The Ginger genius (YouTubes to assist with computer skills) Group 44

SPCA (Watloo) Group 45

Modiri THS (Maths) Group 46

Siyaphila Youth Services (Mathematics project) Group 47

Computer training: Mamelodi campus Group 48

Prof Pi Group 49

Husky and Romi Sanctuary (Building) Group 50

EBIT II Group 51

Hoerskool Staatspresident CR Swart (Maths) Group 52

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 53

Holy Trinity School - Sci-Explo Group 54

Floralise PPS (Website) Group 55

Burgher Right Primary School (Painting of games) Group 56

Bnei Akiva Group 57

Pretoria PS Group 58

Jinnah Park Primary School (Jungle gym) Group 59

Thakameso Comprehensive School (Maths project) Group 60

Funani Centre (Promotional video) Group 61

Sediba House (Computer repairing) Group 63

Bokgoni THS (Mathematics) Group 65

Zama-Zama Pre-School (Swings) Group 66

Wollies animal shelter (Renovation) Group 70

Bantfwabetfu Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 72

Stanza Bopape Community Centre (Website) Group 73

Nantes Primary School (Website) Group 74

Siyakhula Education Foundation (multiplication game) Group 75

Zama Zama informatal settlement (Renovation) Group 76

Kutumela Molefi Primary School Group 77

Pioneers Museum (Administration) Group 78

Boschkop Primary School (Website and computer training) Group 79

Matladi Project High (Mathematics) Group 81


Baranuka Secondary School and Majeje High School (Mathematics) Group 83

SPCA (Centurion) (Renovation) Group 84

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Project Group 85

Pongola Children's Home (Renovation) Group 86

Woolies Animal Shelter Group 87

Computer training Hatfield campus Group 90

Pen Pre-school Forum (Jungle Gym) Group 91

Koegras Group 95

Geref Laerskool Johannes Calvyn (Building) Group 96

Davies Court Group 97

Tsako Thabo SS (Website) Group 98

Early Bird Day Care Centre Group 99

Future Family (Rotating compost sieve) Group 101

Free Me (Building) Group 102

New Life Child Care Centre (Renovation) Group 103

Sinoville Crisis Centre (Garden area) Group 104

President Paul Kruger Children's Home (Renovation) Group 105

Tsako Thabo SS (Mathematics) Group 106

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 107

Lory Park (Animal project) Group 108

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 109

Sun Sparrows PPS (Renovation) Group 111

Heyshope Primary School (Renovation) Group 112

Kitten Corner Groep 113

Myre Group (Career guidance) Group 114

MH Baloyi SS (Career guidance) Group 117

Salem Educational Centre (Library corner) Group 119

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Project Group 120

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Project Group 121

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Project Group 122

Bester Birds: Aldabra Tortoise Project Group 123

Husky and Romi Sanctuary Group 124

Kleinfontein Sorgsentrum Group 125

Modiri Secondary School (Maths) Group 126

Wollies Animal Shelter Group 127

Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting) Group 128

New Life PPS (Renovation) Group 130

Laerskool Edleen (Gardening) Group 132

Just Love Mission: "Little Annie" : Group 133

Bramley Children's Home (Painting) Group 135

Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting) Group 136

Wollies Animal Shelter (Renovation) Group 138

Sunnyside Orphanage (Painting) Group 139

Faith Day Care Centre (Renovation) Group 140

SPCA (Centurion) (Renovation) Group 141

Gen Village (Vegetable garden) Group 142

Hands at work (Renovation) Group 143

Floralise PPS (Painting) Group 144

Hamilton Primary School (Leadership course) Group 146

Pretoria Technical High School (Mathematics) Group 147

Botswana Bicycle Tour Group 148

Sunnyside PPS (Tekki Tots) Group 149

Sunnyside PPS (Painting) Group 150

Sunnyside PPS (Painting) Group 151

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 152

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Group 154

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Group 156

Zwartkop Air Force Museum Group 157

Zwartkop Air force Museum Project Group 158

Res Forum (Website) Group 159

Ditsong Pioneers House (Renovation) Group 160

Leamogetswe Safety House Group 161

CROW Group 162

Ark animal Centre Puppy Shelter Group 164

Makhulong Doxa Deo Child and Youth Care Centre (Renovation) Group 165

Siyanqoba Feeding Foundation (Renovation) Group 166

New life Pre-school (Painting) Group 167

Cullinan Combined School (Computer repair) Group 168

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 169

Deneysville Primary School Group 171

Tomorrow's People (Tekki Tots) Group 172

SPCA (Letaba) Group 175

Precious Preals Shelter (Renovation) Group 176

Weskoppies Hospital (Painting) Group 177

Highveld Horse Care Unit (Renovation) Group 178

Dzivarasekwa 2 High School (Mathematics) Group 179

New Life Day Care Centre (Renovation) Group 180

Sun Sparrows PPS (Renovation) Group 181, 182

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 183

Stabilis Treatment Centre (Painting) Group 184

Olievenhoutbosch Christian School (Building project) Group 185

Floralise PPS (Tekki Tots) Group 186

Enactus: Busy Box Group 188

Thusanang Creche and Pre-School (Swing) Group 189

Hoerskool Silveron (Mathematics) Group 190

Wielie Walie PPS (Renovation) Group 191

Ebenezer Maranatha Institute (Maths) Group 193

Refilwe Community Project (Renovation) Group 194

Wesley Community Centre Group 195

Ditsong Natural History Museum (Games) Group 196

Liv Village Group 199

NZG Algae cleaner Group 200

NZG: Gorillas hammock Group 201

NZG: Carnivore nest box Group 202

NZG: Tiger night room Group 203

Bester Birds and animal Zoo Group 204 & 205

NZG: Nesting Parrots Group 206

NZG: SASSI Traffic light Group 208

NZG: Leopard night room Group 210

NZG: Benches (Renovation) Group 212

New Life Day Care (Educational toys) Group 213

NZG: Spider Monkey enclosure Group 215

Bester Birds Group 216

Bester Birds: Lemur project group 217

NZG: Primate Firehose Hammocks Group 219

Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Group 220

NZG: Jungle Gym Group 221

Vulture Restuarant Group 222

Bester birds and animal zoo Group 223

Bester Birds: Puzzle feeders Group 224

Bester Birds: Ring tailed Lemur interaction enclosure Group 225

Bester Birds Group 226

Bester Birds: Enriching Group 227

Bester Birds: Group 228

Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Group 230

Dr Maths on Mxit Group 250

Prof Pi Group 251

Computer training (Mamelodi Campus) Group 259

Bester BIrds : Homosapien Habitat Group 260

Dr Maths on Mxit Groep 262

Sci-Enza Groep 263

Dr Maths on Mxit Group 265

Dr Maths on Mxit Group 266

Dr Maths on Mxit Group 271

Junior Tukkies / Tsako Thabo SS (Maths) Group 272

Prof Pi Group 273

Silamba Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 274

Prof Pi Group 275

Prof Pi (Mathematics) Group 276

Ditsong Cultural History Museum (Admin) Group 300

Vos Early Learning Centre (Outdoor playhouse) Group 301

Future Families (Website) Group 303

Jiyane Senior Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 304

Computer repairing for Pen Group 306

Sinqobile Combined School (Renovation) Group 309

Mbidi Animal Sanctuary Group 310

Sun Sparrow PS (Tekki Tots) Group 311

Doringkruin Bicycle Trial Park (Building) Group 312

Computer training Mamelodi campus Group 313

Bekekayo Intermediate School (Renovation) Group 314

Lesedi la Batho (Computer repairing) Group 315

Inkululeko Day Care (Renovation) Group 316

Computer training Mamelodi campus Group 317

Stabilis Group 318

Dundee SAP TC (Renovation) Group 319

Judea Hope Group 320

Robert Hicks Primary School (Renovation) Group 321

Siyaphila (Education) Group 322

Hospivisie (Computer repair) Group 324

Burgher Right Primary School (Painting of games) Group 328

Ditsong Pioneers House (Website) Group 329

Pretoria PS (Painting) Group 330

Oost-Eind Primary School (Painting) Group 331

Wings on Wind Group 332

Boys Scouts Group 333

Wondervilla (Painting) Group 334

Dr Palo Jordan Laerskool (Painting) Group 335

Hoërskool Staatspresident CR Swart Group 336

Ronderbult Primary School (Computer repairing) Group 337

Oost-Eind Primary School (Painting) Group 338

Architecture Career Guidance Group 339

Architecture Career Guidance Group 340

Archtecture Career Guidance Group 342

Architecture Career Guidance Group 343

Architecture Career Guidance Group 344

Pretoria Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 345

Merensky High School (Recycling) Group 346

Pretoria Secondary School (Computer repairing) Group 347

Bekekayo Intermediate School (Gardening) Group 348

New Life Pre-School (Painting) Group 349

Tshwaraganang Children's Home (Renovation) Group 350

Laerskool Kameelfontein (Renovation) Group 351

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 352

Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Group 354

Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation) Group 355

Jafta Mahlangu SS (Mathematics) Group 357

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 358

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 359

Cats' 9 Lives (Renovation) Group 360

Pula Difate PS (Painting) Group 361

Dove's Nest Place of Safety Group 363

Bulembu (Building project) Group 364

St Laurence's Children Haven Group 365

Tiger Kloof Combined School (Vegetable garden) Group 366

Weskoppies Hospital Group 367

Laerskool Pierneef (Fish pond) Group 368

Pennie Pre-School (Painting) Group 369

Laerskool Meyerspark (Promotional video) Group 370

Laerskool Meyerspark (Holiday Programme) Group 371

International Primate Rescue Centre (Renovation) Group 373 and 374

Weskoppies Hospital (Painting) Group 375

Sparrow Schools Group 376

EBIT I Group 377

Soshanguve Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 380

Laerskool Eben Swemmer (Renovation) Group 381

Bob Mmola Drop In Centre (Jungle Gym) group 382

Pretoria Primary School (Renovation) Group 383

Laerskool Pierneef (Computer lab) Group 384

Ridgeway College (Maths) Group 385

The Glen High School (Maths) Group 386

La'Bondance Group 387

Husky and Romi Sanctuary (Building) Group 389

Robert Hicks PS (Painting) Group 390

Vukani Mawethu SS (Maths project) Group 391

Saulridge Secondary School (mathematics) group 392

Centre of Hope (Painting) Group 393

Sunnyside PPS (Reading corner) Group 394

Baberton Project (Assisting of a farm) Group 395

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 396

New Life Pre-School (Tekki Tots) Group 397

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 398

Daveyton Community Centre (Renovation) Group 399

Children of Belief Children's Home (Renovation) Group 401

Laerskool Oost-Eind Primary (Painting of games) Group 403

Pathways Group 404

Sefoloko Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 406

Pula Difate PS (Painting) Group 407

Vos Early Learning Centre (Tekki Tots) Group 408

Abasizikasi Home Based Care (School outreach project) Group 411

Laerskool Eben Swemmer Group 412

Weskoppies Hospital (Renovation) Group 414

SPCA (Renovation) Group 415

Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting of games) Group 416

Laerskool Jopie Fourie (Renovation of bathrooms) Group 417

Witpoort Primary School (Renovation) Group 418

Summit College (Mathematics) Group 420

Laerskool Eben Swemmer en  Sunnyside Pre Primary Group 421

Thetsane High School (Mathematics) Group 422

Makwarela Primary School (Renovation) Group 423

Eskom Expo / Hoerskool Die Wilgers Group 424

Wetnose (Trailer) Group 425

Dlamani High School (Maths) Group 427

Weskoppies Hospital (Painting) Group 428

Fusion Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 429

Thanyai Early Learning Centre Group 430

The Hill High School Group 431

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 433

Mosepidi High School Group 436

EBIT II Group 438

International Primate Rescue Group 439

Hoerskool Roodepoort (Building) Group 440

Feral Care Friends (Building) Group 442

Namadzavho Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 443

Kgahlanong Senior Secondary School Group 445

Tsako Thabo Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 446

Hlonipha Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 447

Irene Middle School (Renovation) Group 448

SPCA (Vanderbijpark) (Renovation) Group 449

Setjhaba Sohle Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 450

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 451

Tsako Thabo Secondary School (Maths) Group 452

Vukuzenezele PPS (Renovation) Group 454

Wierdapark Kidz Campus (Tekki Tots) Group 455

The Glen High School (Cataloguing ceramics) Group 456

Bramley Children's Home (Renovation) Group 457

Ditsong Pioneers House (Renovation) Group 458

Cats'9 Lives (Building) Group 459

Boschkop PS (Painting) Group 460

Sebalamakgolo High School (Mathematics and Science) Group 462

Buhlebemfundo Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 463

Dendron Secondary School (Physics) Group 464

Mpumelelo Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 465

EBIT II Group 466

Vos Early Learning Centre (Admin) Group 467

Pure Hope Kids (Library) Group 468

Itereleng Primary School (JOJO tank) Group 471

Epworth children"s home Group 472

Mukula High School (Mathematics) Group 473

Queen Elizabeth Children's Home Group 474

Hivuyeriwile Secondary School (Maths) Grup 475

Lory Park Group 476

Rambuda Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 477

EBIT II Group 478

Wetnose Group 481

Mkhayideni Technical High School (Maths) Group 484

Laerskool Oost-Eind (Renovation) Group 486

Bokgoni Technical High School Group 487

PEN Computer lab Group 488

Rantobeng Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 489

Bester Birds and Animal Zoo Group 491

New Ermelo Primary School (Jungle gym) Group 492

Sunnyside Orphanage (Painting) Group 493

Waterford Kamhlaba United Word College of SA Group 496

Lethabong Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 497

Ikaya Nothando Group 498

Sunnyside PS (Painting) Group 499

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve (Bridge) Group 500

Sci-Enza Vertical pallet-gardens Group 501

EBIT 1 (Career Guidance) Group 502

George Tladi Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 503

EBIT II (Career Guidance) Group 504

JuniorTukkies Group 506

Echo Youth Development (Renovation) Group 507

Yahweh Educare Centre (Painting) Group 508

Echo House (Renovation) Group 509

Midrand High School (Maths) Group 509 (b)

Ring Ting PPS (Painting) Group 510

SOS Children's Home (Renovation) Group 511

Pretoria Primary School (Painting) Group 512

Tutoring by Ads Group 513

Sun Sparrows PPS (Library corner) Group 515

Die KInderwerf (Painting) Group 516

Inkululeko Day Care - Reading Corner Group 518

Pretoria Technical High School (Library) Group 519

Botswana - Mokolodi Nature Reserve Group 520

Weskoppies Hospital Group 522

Pioneers Museum Group 523

SPCA (Middelburg) (Renovation) Group 524

Pen Pre-School (Painting) Group 525

Northern Academy Secondary School (Mathematics) Group 527

Linden Lifesaving Training Facilities Group 528

Vingerkraal community (Fence) Group 529

Thuto Ke Maatla Comprehensive School (Mathematics) Group 530

Ga-Maria Village (Computer training) Group 531

Boschkop Primary School (Door for gas cylinders) Group 532

Kameeldrift (Geyser) Group 533

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 534

Chrysalis Pre-school (Bicycle track) Group 536

Arcadia Primary School Group 537

GS College (Physics) Group 539

Koegras (Group 540)

Hearts of Hope Group 541

JuniorTukkies Group 542

Vos Early Learning Centre (Education and admin) Group 544

Junior Tukkies Group 545

Mokone-A-Mabula Secondary School Group 546

Junior Tukkies empowerment week Group 547

Malvern Primary School Group 548

Mapetla Hospice Day Care (Painting) Group 549

SPCA (Centurion) Group 550

Ditsong Natural History Museum (Game) Group 551

NHK Philadelphia Bicycle Tour and Boxes Group 553

JuniorTukkies Group 554

Kanana Kids Pre-school (Educational Toys) Group 558

Endagered Wildlife Trust Group 559

Klopper Park Clinic Group 560

Chrysalis Pre-School (Mural) Group 564

Weskoppies Hospital Group 568

Computer training Mamelodi Group 570

N'Wa Vangani Primary School (Website) Group 571

Vlakfontein SS (Computer repairing/networking) Group 572

EBIT II (Career Guidance) Group 573

EBIT II (Career Guidance) Group 575

Tomorrow's People Nursery (Painting) Group 576

EBIT I (Career Guidance) Group 577

Zamokuhle Our Little Peoples Chreche Group 578

Ruabotlale Secondary School (Greening) Group 579

Eketsang Secondary School Group 581

Computer training (Mamelodi) Group 588

EBIT II Group 589

JuniorTukkies Group 591

Siyanqoba Feeding Foundation Group 592

Sunnyside PPS Group 593


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