YouTube videos 2013

YouTube videos of 2013

Best of 2013

Agatha Community: Group 471
NZG: Owl and Bat Boxes: Group 26
Orientation week 2013: Group 11
Laerskool Meyerspark: Group 40
Laerskool Meyerspark: Group 59
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 64
Cooking in res: The Ginger Chef (1): Group 147
Cooking in res: The Ginger Chef (2): Group 147
Cooking in res: The Ginger Chef (3): Group 147
Cooking in res: The GInger Chef (4): Group 147
Cooking in res: The Ginger Chef (5): Group 147
Cooking in res: The Ginger Chef (6): Group 147
Laerskool Meyerspark: Group 227
Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary: Group 393
Randfontein Farm (Sport project): Group 432

Projects at the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

NZG: Bungee Bear feeders: Group 29
NZG: Dassie high rise: Group 44
NZG: Sprinkler system: Group 45
NZG: Interactive game: Group 48
NZG: Periscopes for the NZG: Group 50
NZG: Hammock for leopard: Group 51
NZG: Cheetah Chase: Group 52
NZG: Tapin enclosure: group 89
NZG: Tiger ball: Group 105
NZG: Zoo Parrot Row: Group 112
NZG: Barrel Feeder: Group 115 & 116
NZG: Leopard Pole Feeder: Group 117
NZG: Rhino ball: Group 130
NZG: Owl Exhibit: Group 134
NZG: Balls for tigers: Group 164
NZG: Sapling Easels: Group 191
NZG: Parrot Row: Group 197a
NZG: Bungee feeder: Group 200
NZG: Props room: Group 207
NZG: Primates privacy screens: Group 208
NZG: Bird hoist feeder: Group 236
NZG: Zoo Saplings: Group 248
NGZ: Seal Bubble ring: Group 251
NZG: Owl Perches: Group 253
NZG: Zoo Parrot row: Group 256
NZG: Build a mythbuster lab: Group 262
NZG: Life size puzzle: Group 263
NZG: Okapi Feeder: Group 273
NZG: Rhino Ball: Group 278
NZG: Brush boards: Group 279
NZG Painting: Group 305
NZG: Aesthetic screens: Group 328
NZG: Aesthetic screens: Group 329
NZG: Aestetic screens: Group 343
NZG: Marmosel boxes and meerkat feeder box: Group 355
NZG: Aesthetic Screens: Group 375

Animal related projects

Chimptunshi Wildlife Orpganage: Group 23
Care for wild: Group 34
Husky Romi Rescue and Wolf Sanctuary: Group 49
Johannesburg Zoo (Project with Vet students): Group 111
Ark Animal Centre: Group 127
SPCA (Centurion): Group 140
SPCA (Watloo): Group 202
SPCA: Boksburg: Group 280
The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre: Group 299
Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre: Group 314
SPCA Brakpan: Group 342
Lory Park Zoo: Group 358
Rhino Orphanage: Group 361
Barking Mad: Group 419
Wetnose: Group 517

Museum projects

Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 55
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 63
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 65
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 66
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 67
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 68
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 69
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 70
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 71
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 72
Zwartkop Air Force Museum: Group 73
Johannesburg Military Museum: Group 167
Fort Klapperkop: Group 171
Pioneers House: Group 175
Pioneers House: Group 222
Johannesburg Military History Museum: Group 368
Ditsong Natural History Museum: Group 497
Ditsong Natural History Museum (Documentation of Science week): Group 570

Renovation projects

Sunnyside PPS (Renovation): Group 30
Laerskool Oost-Eind PS: Group 35
Laerskool Meyerspark (Painting): Group 47
Immergroen Old Age Home: Group 60
Hope House, Harrismith: Group 88
PENN: Group 103
Kidney Beanz: Group 106
Robert Hicks PS: Group 138
Pretoria Primary School (Renovation): Group 152
Boschkop PS: Group 182
Trichardt Clinic: Group 192
N'Wa Vangani PS (Painting project): Group 204
Pretoria PS (Renovation): Group 260
Sunnyside PS (Painting): Group 283
Pula Difate PS (Painting): Group 296
Laerskool Oost-Eind (Painting): Group 304
Pretoria Primary School (painting): Group 306
Giba Community Project (shower and toilet): Group 309
Laerskool Oost-Eind (Painting of games): Group 376
Sun Sparrows Pre-school: Group 377
Laerskool Oost-Eind: (Painting) Group 406
Syfergat PS: Group 414
Laerskool Oost-Eind: Group 417
Laerskool Eben Swemmer: Group 442
Le Thabo le Khutso (Painting project): Group 454
Autism South Africa (Renovation): Group 456
Floralise PPS (Painting project): Group 515
Echo House (Renovation Project): Group 523

Computer related projects

Ligno Vitae Academy (Computer project): Group 19
Laudium Secondary School (Computer repairing): Group 31
Computer training: Hatfield campus: Group 33
Computer training: Hatfield campus: Group 41
SPCA (Database): Group 42
Computer training: Group 57
Computer training, Mamelodi campus: Group 74
SEIDET Computer training: Group 87
Laerskool Pierneef (Computer repairing): Group 90
PENN (Computers): Group 103
Computer repair for Victims of crime and A2B: Group 125
Stanza Bopape Community Centre (Website): Group 144
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 145
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 151
Sutherland HS (Computer training): Group 176
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 178
Bokgoni THS (Website): Group 193
Puma Scope Project: Group 241
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 261
SPCA (Centurion) Database: Group 269
Zaminthuthuko PS (Computer training): Group 276
Pfundzo Ndi Tshedza PS (Website): Group 310
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 324
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 333
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 339
Speckles and Prickles Special Needs Day Care: Group 356
Puma Scope (Computer training): Group 389
Computer training (Mamelodi campus) : Group 433
Pen (Computer repairing): Group 458
JJ de Jong Primary School (Website): Group 480
Computer training: Mamelodi campus: Group 468
Bokgoni THS (Computer training): Group 477
Zamintuthuko Primary School (Computers repair): Group 501
Lesedi la Batho (Repairing computers): Group 502
Sunnyside PPS (Website): Group 519
Lesedi la Batho (Repairing of computers): Group 522
Laudium Heights Primary school (Website): Group 571
Baviaanspoort Correctional Services (Computer training): Group 573
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Groep 583
Computer training (Mamelodi campus): Group 588
Daspoort clinic website: Group 592

Mathematics and Science projects

Chatsworth Secondary School: Group 37
Zinikeleni Secondary School (Maths project): Group 39
Alfred B Makapan HS (Maths project): Group 58
Ntiyi senior secondary school: Group 61
Phateng SS (Maths project): Group 77
Modiba Secondary School: Groep 81
Sitjejiwe High School (Maths project): Group 102
Njeyesa High School - Science project: Group 108
MeHelpMe:Group 109
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 135
Prosperitas High School (Maths project): Group 146
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 156
Dr Math on Mxit: Group 166
S'Godiphold SS (Maths project): Group 177
Mampoi High School (Maths project): Group 198
Mayibuye Secondary School (Maths project): Group 205
Dr Sam Motsuenyane SS (Maths project): Group 211
HS Staatspresident CR Swart (Maths Project): Group 230
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 254
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 257
Bokgoni Technical High School (Maths): Group 272
Hoerskool Silverton (Maths project): Group 281
Zimbabwe Maths Project: Group 301
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 335
Lehlabile Secondary School (Maths) : Group 349
Poo Secondary School: Group 352
Christ The Saviour High School (Lesotho) Maths Project: Group 354
Mokopane Maths Project: Group 359
Limpopo Maths Project: Group 397
Dr Math on Mxit: Group 398
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 402
Sacred Heart High School, Lesotho: Group 403
Mbuzeli Creche and Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 411
Azwifarwi SS (Maths project): Group 423
Motshwane HS (maths project): Group 426
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 430
Nelspruit Community Forum: Maths DVDs: Group 431
Giyani HS and New Era College (Maths project): Group 436
HS Silverton (Maths project): Group 438
Tholulwazi Secondary school (maths project): Group 440
Mbilwi Secondary School (Maths project): Group 446
Pretoria Secondary school (Maths project): Group 447
Laerskool Eben Swemmer: Group 448
Laerskool Eben Swemmer: Group 450
Siyabong HS (Maths project): Group 451
Beaulieu College (Maths project): Group 457
Madibatlou Middle Farm School (Maths project): Group 472
Me-help-me and Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 475
Bokgoni THS (Maths project): Group 478
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 481
SEIDET (Maths project): Group 484
Leolo High School (Maths project): Group 486
Wendywood High School (Maths project): Group 495
Salesian High School (Maths project): Group 503
Vukuzame High School (Maths project): Group 510
Mzinoni High School (Maths project): Group 511
Onkabetse THS (Maths project): Group 524
Mophate SS(Maths project): Group 526
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 530
Kheleng Secondary school (Maths project): Group 535
Gatang SS (Maths project): Group 538
Kopanang HS (Maths project): Group 559
Jafta Mahlangu SS (Maths project): Group 566
Suikerland High School (Maths project): Group 568
Simunye SS (Maths project): Group 572
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 576
Dr Maths on Mxit: Group 591

Career guidance

Junior Tukkies: Group 53
EBIT week: Group 168
EBIT I: Group 199
EBIT I: Group 213
EBIT I: Group 221
EBIT II: Group 259
EBIT I : Group 265
Junior Tukkies Project: Group 274
EBIT II: Group 490
EBIT week II: Group 587
EBIT II: Group 597
EBIT week II: Group 598

Library projects

Himalaya Secondary School: Group 75
Laerskool Jopie Fourie: Group 78
Laerskool Derdepoort (Painting): Group 101
Pfundzi Ndi Thsadza Primary School (Library project): Group 194
Boikgantsho Primary School (Library project): Group 235
Sisekelo HS (Library project): Group 438
Mamafubedu Public Library: Group 488


Engineers without Borders: Group 36
Belfast Hospital: Box chairs: Group 43
APN Old Age Home: Group 92
Michaelis Schule: Group 93
Sutherland High School - creative writing: Group 98
Philanjalo NPO, Tugella Ferry, KZN: Group 99
Little Smart Pre-school: Groep 113
Hamerkopnes Farm (Art project): Group 118
Orban Primary School: Group 119
Clay project: Group 124
Esporanza Special Need School: Group 129
Dr George Mukhari Hospital: Group 131
Tembisa High School: Group 132
Kgamanyane High School: Group 137
Weavind Park PPS (Tekki Tots): Group 139
Happy Days Child Care Centre: Group 141
Huis Judea: Group 148
Nkulisa Day Care, Redirile Day Care and Mmabana Pre-School: Group 152
Diammona Secondary School: Group 153
MH Baloyi SS: Group 154
Alaska project: Group 155
Tshupe Hospice: Group 157
Hoerskool Secunda: Group 162
Sunnyside Primary School: Group 169
Sunnyside PPS: Tekki Tots: Group 174
Laerskool Silverton: Group 179
Sunnyside PPS: Group 184
Amadea House: Group 185
Good Hope Centre: Group 188
Hoerskool Pretoria-Wes: Group 189
Precious Pearls Shelter: Group 190
Laerskool Julian Muller: Group 195
Springs Secondary School: Group 196
Lehlaba Primary School: Group 206
Burgher Right Primary School: Group 210
Usizo Oluhle Disable Activity Centre: Group 212
Malawi Project: Group 214
Pula Difate PS: Group 216
Mafumani SS: Group 218
Laerskool Pierneef: Group 219
Burgher Right PS: Group 220
Tekki Tots: Floralise PPS: Group 223
Funanani Centre: Group 224
PENN: Group 228
Funanani Christian School: Group 232
Irene Middle School: Group 234
Malopeng Primary School (Life skills): Group 237
Harmonie Hof: Group 238
Modderfontein Pre-Primary School: Group 240
Ithembelihle LSEN school: Group 242
St Anthony's Home: Group 244
Boschkop PS: Group 245
Alaska Project: Group 246
Zamintuthuko PS (Educational Toys): Group 247
Boschkop Primary School: Group 250
Bersig Akademie: Group 252
Pretoria Primary School: Group 255
Eljada House: Group 258
Laerskool Derdepoort: Group 264
Sun Sparrows Pre-school: Group 266
Umyenzane Primary School: Group 275
LIV School on LIV Village: Group 277
Laerskool Pierneef: Group 284
Lethaba LSEN School: Group 285
Prinshof LSEN School: Group 287
Precious Pearls: group  243 & 288
N'Wa Vangani PS (Educational toys): Group 290
Serere Park: Group 291
Matlaisane School (Architecture Department Project): Group 293
Matlaisane School (Architecture Department Project): Group 294
Matlaisane School (Architecture Department Project): Group 295
SOS Children's Home: Group 296
Tomorrow's People (Tekki Tots): Group 297
Othandweni Old Age Home: Group 298
Umephi Huis: Group 300
Boschkop Primary School: Group 302
Boschkop Primary School: Group 303
Pretoria PS: Group 312
PEN Inner City Pre-school Forum: Group 315
Oeboentoe Kinderhuis: Group 316
N'Wa Vangani PS: Group 319
Lesedi Creche: Group 321
Lesedi Creche: Group 322 and 323
Mamelodi Initiative: Group 327
Alaska project, Mamelodi: Group 331
Siviwe Educare Centre: Group 332
Insika SS School: Group 334
Alaska Project: Group 337
Pathways: Group 340
Adventures in missions: Group 344
Boschkop PS: Group 345
New Beginningz: Group 346
Pen (Jungle Gym): Grup 347
Good Samaritan: Group 348
Laerskool Queenswood: Group 350
ExSight: Group 351
Laerskool Derdepoort: Group 353
Pula Difate SS: Group 357
Fumana High School: Group 362
Zambia Project: Group 364
Sunnyside Tjokkers: Group 366
Doasho High School: Group 367
Zaminthuthuko PS: Group 369
Homevale Secondary School: Group 370
Paradise View PS: Group 379
Motshegwa High School: Group 380
Geratec Frail Care: Group 381
God's Love Centre: Group 382
Siyanqoba Foundation: Group 388
SIFE/Enactus - Mohlakeng Market: Group 391
Ponta Malongane: Group 392
Lere Khureng Combined School: Group 396
Good Sheperd Model School: Groep 400
Celebration Health: Group 401
Alaska Project (Fundraising): Group 405
Little Able's Children's Sancturay: Group 409
The Glen High School (Cataloging): Group 410
Marietjie LSEN School: Group 412
Laerskool Genl de la Rey: Groep 414
Ligno Vitae Academy LSEN: Group 416
Jedidia Safe Haven: Group 420
Precious Pearl: Group 421
Thembumusa Clinic: Group 422
Domino Servite School: Group 424
G-Om Project: Group 425
Tshwane Haven: Group 427
Parakaleo Pre-school: Group 428
Tumelo House: Group 429
Mosetlma PS: Group 441
Rand Gold Primary School (Soccer field): Group 443
Tshwane Child Welfare: Group 445
Sunnyside PS Afterschool care: Group 449
Stabilis Treatment Centre: Group 461
Jakaranda Kinderhuis (Bench): Group 462
Thusano Community Centre: Group 465
Sonskyn Community: Group 466
Nelspruit Community Forum: Group 469
Nuwe Grond: Group 473
Balebogeng PS: Group 474
Boy Scouts: Group 476
Mama Leonie Pre-school: Group 483
Beautiful Gate Children's Home: Group 485
Ekuthuleni Pre-School: Group 487
Troyville PS: Group 489
Jakaranda Children's Home (Science project): Group 492
A Re Aganeng Old Age Home: Group 493
Setlopo SS: Group 494
SAVS Pre-School: Group 499
Gerdau (Soccer poles): Group 505
Sun Sparrows PPS : Group 507
Mare project: group 509
Nkulisa Day Care, Redirile Day Care and Mmabana Pre-School: Group 512
Zwelinzima Secondary school: Group 518
Science videos delivered at HS Staatspresident CR Swart: Group 521
Floralise PPS: Group 525
Ndaledi Day Care: Group 531
Benoni Muslim Charity Organisation: Group 540
Pretoria PPS: Group 546
Choc foundation: Group 548
Ikhaya Nothando Place of Safety for Infants: Group 549
Smiley Kids: Group 551
Mother Goose Day Care: Group 552
St Andrews PP: Groep 554
Tsakani Society on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: Group 556
Kruispaleis PPS: Group 560
Nelspruit Community Forum: Group 575
Pretoria SS (Networking project): Group 382
Jasmyn Dagsorg: Group 582
Zaminthuthuko PS: Group 584
Jona Mantju High School: Group 586
Swaan en Flamink PPS: Group 596

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