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Community Engagement Committee 

Responsibilities and functions of the CEn committee


  • To facilitate the integration of community engagement activities into teaching, learning postgraduate studies and research.
  • To maintain a database of, assist with and coordinate community engagement activities within the Faculty.
  • To facilitate the negotiation of mutually beneficial collaborative interactions between the Faculty and communities.


  • Propose Community Engagement strategies for the Faculty
  • Make recommendations for the integration of Community Engagement into teaching, learning, postgraduate studies and research within the Faculty
  • Advise on Community Engagement project proposals
  • Propose policies and procedures required for engaging with communities
  • Facilitate fundraising aimed at funding Faculty Community Engagement activities
  • Maintain a database of community engagement activities at the Faculty
  • Guide the community engagement coordinator in his / her duties
  • Maintain an inventory of assets for reuse in other Community Engagement projects of the Faculty.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of information on Community Engagement activities of the Faculty to students, staff and external role-players

    The Committee

    Prof Darrell Abernethy

    Position: Dean

    Faculty of Veterinary Science

    Tel:       +27 12 529 8201  
    E-mail  : [email protected]


    Prof Marthinus Hartman

    Acting Director: Clinical Services

    Department: Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital (OVAH)

    Tel:    +27 12 529 8208


      Dr Hein Stoltsz

    Position: Lecturer 

    Department: Veterinary Tropical Diseases

    Tel:    +27 12 529 8255

    E-mail:[email protected]
      Dr Quixi Sonntag

    Position: Lecturer: Curricular Community Engagement

    Department: Companion Animal Clinical Studies (CACS)

    Tel:    +27 12 529 8472 

    E-mail:[email protected]
    Dr Eugene Machimana

    Position: Community Engagement Chairperson

    Department: Clinical Services

    Tel:   +27 12 529 8100

    Email:[email protected]

    Prof Roy Meintjes

    Position:    Associate Professor

    Department:  Anatomy and Physiology       

    Tel: +27 12 529 8042
    E-mail: [email protected]

      Dr Hermien Viljoen

    Position: State Veterinarian

    Community Veterinary Clinics

    Tel:     +27 12 346 1150
    E-mail: [email protected]

      Dr Louise Biggs

    Position: Clinician at HAHC

    Department: Production Animal Studies

    E-mail: [email protected]

     Dr Nenene Qekwana

    Position: Lecturer

    Department: Paraclinical Sciences

    Tel:   +27 12 529 8015

    E-mail:nenene.[email protected]
      Sr Sarah Johnson

    Position: Small Animal Section Head & Referrals Co-ordinator

    Department: OVAH

    Tel:      +27 12 529 8387

    E-mail:[email protected]
      Sr Carla van der Merwe

    Position: Veterinary Sister

    Department:  OVAH

    Tel:     +27 12 529 8096

    Email[email protected]



    Ms Angy Shabangu

    Position:     OPGSA


    E-mail: [email protected]

      Mr Riaan Crafford

    Position:   Undergraduate student 

    Department:   OPVSC

    E-mail:[email protected]

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