University of Pretoria presents at the 17th International Heat Transfer Conference

Posted on September 22, 2023

The International Heat Transfer Conference is the largest heat transfer conference in the world and happens every four years. This year, for the first time, this prestigious event was hosted in Cape Town and the members of the Clean Energy Research Group of the University of Pretoria attended.

The conference focussed on the latest in heat transfer research and covered a wide array of applications of heat transfer, from the next generation of solar thermal energy to the management of heat loads in high-power electronics, while also covering all the fundamentals of heat transfer research, such as multiphase flow, radiation heat transfer and nano and microscale heat transfer.

The CERG team, from left to right: Prof Mohsen Sharifpur, Prof Ken Craig, Dr Marilize Everts, Dr Bradley Bock and Prof Jaco Dirker

The members of the CERG team had an equally diverse range of topics that they presented at the conference. Prof Mohsen Sharifpur was given the opportunity to present a keynote on his ongoing convective nanofluid heat transfer research, Prof Ken Craig showcased work on jet impingement boiling, while Prof Jaco Dirker’s work on understanding the fundamentals of concentrated solar power in parabolic trough collectors was well received. Dr Marilize Everts presented on her latest single-phase research, and lastly Dr Bradley Bock presented on the multiscale enhancements that have been tested under pool boiling and falling film boiling conditions in the CERG laboratories. 

For those interested, a list of current open topics by the CERG staff member are available here.

The team at work, presenting posters and presentations

- Author Bradley Bock

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