Previous Research Topics

Recent Alumni and their Projects


Title: Thermodynamic optimisation of sustainable energy systems (the solar thermal Brayton cycle)
Student: Le Roux WG (Willem)
Supervisors: Bello-Ochende T & Meyer JP

Title: Numerical investigation into heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of externally finned and internally finned absorber tubes of parabolic trough solar collectors
Student:  Mwesigye A (Aggrey)
Supervisors: Bello-Ochende T & Meyer JP

Title: Thermodynamic optimization of sustainable energy systems(Concentrated Solar Power)
Student:   Ngo L (Lloyd)
Supervisors: Bello-Ochende T and Meyer JP

Title: Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation into effective thermal conductivity of nanofluids
Student: Mehrabi M (Mehdi)
Supervisors: Sharifpur M & Meyer JP

Title: Vibration effects on natural convection in porous media with application to solidification of binary alloys
Student: Mr J J Vadasz (Johnathan)
Supervisors: Prof J P Meyer & Prof S Govender

Title: Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation into effective viscosity of nanofluids 
Student: Adio S (Saheed)
Study leaders: Dr M Sharifpur and Prof JP Meyer

Master's Projects

Title: Heat transfer coefficients for tubes in the turbulent single phase flow regime
Student: Bateman N (Nicole)
Supervisors:  Meyer JP

Title: Cooling of a solid using small scale and micro-channels using laminar flow
Student: Greenland MR (Marc)
Supervisors: Dirker J & Meyer JP

Title: Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation into thermal-fluid behaviour of nanofluids
Student: Ntumba T (Tshimanga)
Supervisors: Sharifpur M & Meyer JP

Title: Condensation in inclined tubes
Student: Olivier S (Stefan)
Supervisors: Lips S & Meyer JP

Title: The theoretical micro-modelling of heat transfer phenomena in nano-fluid composites, supported by experimental validation. 
Student: Yiannou A (Angelos) 
Supervisors: Prof JFM Slabber, Prof JP Meyer and Dr J Pretorius

Title: Formation of nanostructured SiC coatings through the use of atmospheric plasma spray technology
Student: Van Laar J (Jean)
Supervisors: Slabber JFM & Crouse PL

Title:  Thermal Management and optimization of discrete heat sources
Student: Montgomery T (Thomas)
Supervisors: Bello-Ochende T & Meyer JP

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