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The main reason people go to university is to progress to a point where you can apply for and get a good job, right? But with around 500,000 people graduating in South Africa each year, the job market is extremely competitive. Your degree from UP will help you to develop some of the skills that employers are looking for, but you need more than a certificate to get a good graduate-level job.

Companies want to see other achievements as well as qualifications on your CV, which is why we’ll cover the basics in creating a CV as part of Career Services at UP. Companies also want to make sure you have the right skills, over and above your formal academic training, to be able to do your job in the new world of work. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and automation, employers are seeking graduates with soft skills such as being a good communicator, the ability to work in a team, and being able to solve problems with design thinking, which is where our employability courses come in. Above and beyond that, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and adaptability are also important as you will have a lot to learn when you start your first job.

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