Success Stories

NA de Ravel de L’Argentiere

The assistance received by Career Services was nothing but warm and welcoming from the first contact. After browsing through the career services opportunities sent to my student email account, I encountered an internship opportunity and wanted to explore it further. I headed to the Career Services Office to ask for guidance on how to create the perfect CV and cover letter. Career Services Staff sat with me through every step, teaching me the importance of the format and the fine details, including aspects that are specific to the internship’s organisation. It was an extremely educational experience and I was able to leave the office with a professional CV, ready to "wow" the organisation. Unfortunately, as the date for the closing of the submissions became closer, I discovered that the internship position was not feasible if I wished to further my studies into my honours and master’s years as the travelling distance was too far. The knowledge I received through my meeting with Marile Roos, as well as Career Services staff, will assist me in creating future CVs and cover letters that will reflect my hard work and dedication in the best possible light

Samukelisiwe Thwala

I am in my first year of study at the University of Pretoria and am studying a three-year BSc degree in Biotechnology. I spotted an advertisement for an assistant position with Forest Molecular Genetics (science group) and immediately wanted the job. But first I required guidance on how to perform well in interviews, so I went straight to the Career Services Office for a mock interview. The mock interview was tense because I had never been in a genuine interview for a job before, but it was worth it! I went to the real interview with authentic confidence and a well-rounded idea of the questions I would be asked and ultimately got the job. I am part of five assistants who work with postgraduate mentors in a science laboratory, which is my dream

Ambrose Njepu

I am excited to be registered with Career Services at the University of Pretoria because they bring opportunities closer to me through job adverts and career fairs. The Ready for Work Programme (see page 30) has prepared me for work-life upon graduation.I have also enjoyed one-on-one assistance with my CV, cover letter and mock interviews.Finally, their staff members are friendly, supportive and concerned about my success.

Katlego Matji

The UP Career Services was a great initiative. I would advise all UP students to take advantage of the opportunities provided to them by the UP Career Services. I am a living witness. The Career Service Office helped me a lot in securing employment. From compiling my CV to preparing me for interviews, as well as preparing me for the world of work.The online short course Ready for Work Programme actually prepares one for the workplace. I would recommend students embarking on their career shaping journey from an earlier stage in their academic life. The UP Career Services could be of great help as a means to align their interests and expertise, which is vital for a successful career. The UP Career Services is there to help students in planning for tomorrow, while living for today.


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