PhD Cohort Business Management

Doctorate in Business Management (PhD) ​
Programme Lead: Prof Melodi Botha
Programme Coordinator: Ms Samantha Rabie
Email address: [email protected] 
Doctorate in Communication Management (PhD)
Programme Coordinator: Mr Sipho Noko
Email address: [email protected]
Doctorate in Entrepreneurship (PhD) 
Programme Coordinator: Mr Sipho Noko
Email address: [email protected]
Doctorate in Leadership (PhD)   
Programme Lead: Prof Derick de Jongh
Programme Coordinator: Ms Carto Abrams-Swart
Email address: [email protected]

Areas of Specialisation

While the department covers a vast number of topics within its PhD programme the following are its core research interests:​
  • International Business
  • Turnaround Management & Business Rescue
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication Management
To pursue a PhD in business management at UP, demands certain requirements and criteria to be adhered to. Firstly, a PhD requires that a knowledge contribution must be made to the science of management. On examination, if there is no clear and definite new contribution, examiners will reject the thesis no matter what is on offer. Secondly, the thesis must address a real problem that after being solved, would leave the knowledge world improved. Thirdly, the problem should be investigated with valid and reliable scientific research methods. Normally this also requires a knowledge of the core theories that are relevant/applicable to the problem environment. Finally, the PhD is a scholarly exercise, it should therefore not be pursued to obtain a promotion in your job environment.
All the above suggests that the ideal candidate will arrive at the start line having read a significant number of scientific articles on the topic (100-200). S/he will have, by then, clearly identified the problem to be investigated, know the key researchers on the topic and have a clear research question. The theories on which the research will be based are of course a final prerequisite.
If a supervisor with capacity and specialist knowledge on the topic, problem and proposed phenomenon to be investigated is available in the department, an initial meeting will be set up. At this meeting a match is pursued and if found, the process is started.
Potential candidates should therefore understand that they require 14-20 hours per week to meaningfully attempt completion in 3 years. So consider the effect of this on your family and personal life roles.
Future programs will also require formal attendance (compulsory) sessions over weekends that address theories and methodology enhancement as a prerequisite.
Application Procedure
Apply online on this link
Postgraduate Coordinator
Department of Business Management
Ms Samantha Rabie
Tel: 012 420 4271
Email:  [email protected] 

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