Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI)

Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute

The Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI) builds on the legacy of the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership. Established in 2011 in the Faculty of Economic Management Sciences, the Centre focused on understanding responsibility in the context of a sustainable future. Since its inception, the Centre has delivered 100+ Master’s students, 7 doctoral students and has produced numerous peer-reviewed publications.
The Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute was formally established in November 2020 with the vision “Reimagine Leadership”. The Institute has a broad mandate, including inter- and trans-disciplinary research, spanning boundaries between academic disciplines and faculty borders. Its research, teaching and engagement uses novel and emerging approaches to leadership to address pressing social, environmental and economic challenges.
Reimagine Leadership
Pursuing scholarship, education and societal engagement that reimagine leadership towards social, environmental, and economic justice.
We contribute to leadership that prioritises social and environmental justice by advancing theory through evidence-based research. Our postgraduate programmes and short courses are grounded in transformative pedagogy and breed a generation of leaders who demonstrate integrity, transparency, and accountability in all their actions.

This focus area integrates the principles of responsible leadership into undergraduate programs and the Masters in Responsible Leadership. Research focuses on reinterpreting leadership from a critical management perspective and on leadership as a vital ingredient in creating graduates and contexts conducive to social innovation addressing local challenges.


This area focuses on the leadership capabilities needed to implement complex agendas such as the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is done through the South African SDG Hub, the South African SDG Policy Support Initiative, Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) and the South African network of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The main focus of this area is on understanding firstly the current, and secondly the espoused public interest responsibility of the accounting profession. Taking a responsible leadership lens, this study will provide a multi-stakeholder perspective into the potential of the accounting professional to advance public accountability.




Master's in Responsible Leadership

Master's in Development Practice

PhD (Leadership)


Our core focus areas:
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Development Practice
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25 June 2021
ALLI hosts international MDP forum on street homelessness
Out of 37 universities around the globe, the University of Pretoria is one of only four African universities to host the global Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) programme. The Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute (ALLI, housed in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences) recently invited MDP ...
04 June 2021
UP relaunches Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership as Institute
UP’s Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership has been repositioned as the Albert Luthuli Leadership Institute.