Multimedia CDs

The following multimedia CDs are currently available:

Applied Virology - Virus Identification: Media and Cell Culture Preparation

Applied Virology

R 150.00

This multimedia programme aims to guide the prospective virologist in the use of cell cultures for the cultivation and identification of animal viruses. The programme provides the information required to enable the user to start cell culures, maintain them and freeze and store cells. The application of the criteria used to recognize growth of virus in cell cultures is emphasized.


Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology 

R 150.00

Researchers in veterinary science increasingly need to make use of molecular biological techniques in their studies. Knowledge of an organism at the molecular level is required for many applications, for example:

  • Identification and characterization of pathogens
  • Development of molecular diagnostic tests
  • Molecular phylogenetics
  • Development of recombinant vaccines
  • Parentage analysis.

Complete genome sequences of many pathogens are starting to become available and will allow tremendous advances in studying their biology and in improving the diagnosis and control of parasites.


Published by Linda Poggenpoel

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