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African Buffalo: A major eco-tourism attraction but also a carrier of serious diseases

African Buffalo

R 150.00

African buffalo are a major eco-tourism attraction, but also a carrier of serious diseases. This DVD provides general information on the African Buffalo as an eco-tourism attraction. The epidemiology, diagnosis and control of the following diseases are dealt with:

  • Animal Trypanosomosis
  • Bovine Brucellosis
  • Bovine Theileriosis
  • Bovine Tuberculosis
  • Foot-and-mouth disease.

African horse sickness (New)


R 150.00


Informative, professionally produced DVD on African horse sickness. AHS is the most feared disease of horses on the African continent, and claims the lives of more than 200 horses in South Africa each year. This 52 minute educational DVD contains 9 chapters with graphics, photographs and brand new video footage, and covers the following aspects of this lethal disease:

  • History
  • Epidemiology
  • Pathogenesis
  • Clinical signs
  • Patholog,
  • Laboratory confirmation
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Control.

Produced by M&M Pictures for the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria.


Beauty and the Beef

Beauty and the Beef

R 150.00

African farmers living in areas with wildlife are faced with a serious dilemma: they cannot sell their healthy, free range beef to the lucrative export market. Current international trade practices dictate that they cannot protect the wildlife and, at the same time, farm their cattle in the same general area. If they want to export their beef to wealthy nations, they will have to get rid of all the wild buffalo and put up environmentally damaging veterinary fences. Robin Lyonga lives in the spectacular and largely unspoilt environment of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. He and his community are poor. What should he choose when trying to lift himself and his community out of poverty: protecting the wildlife and pursuing opportunities related to ecotourism and trophy hunting, or turning his back on conservation and selling his cattle into the lucrative beef export market?
The truth is that there is a win-win solution: Robin Lyonga and his community can earn an income from conservation and sell their beef to the export market. All that is needed to enable this potentially bright future for millions of African cattle farmers is a small change in attitude on the part of wealthy trading nations.


Classical swine fever

Classical Swine fever

R 150.00

Classical swine fever is a highly contagious multisystemic disease of pigs and wild boars caused by a Pestivirus and results in a high mortality rate. The clinical signs are variable with a high fever, severe depression, a mucopurulent conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, convulsions and haemorrhages in the skin often seen in acute cases. Similar but milder clinical signs with eventual death are noted in the chronic and late-onset forms of the disease. This disease was recently introduced into South Africa by the feeding of pork swill from ships originating from SE Asia to pigs. This video not only discusses the epidemiology, clinical signs, pathology and diagnosis of classical swine fever but also focuses on the eradication campaign that the South African State Veterinary Services had to embark on to eradicate the disease which was not only by that time present in commercial pigs, but also in free-ranging pigs belonging to emerging farmers.



Rift Valley fever

Rift Valley fever 

R 150.00

This DVD provides concise information on the epidemiology, human infection, pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical signs & pathology, control and socio-economic importance of Rift Valley fever.


Tick-borne Diseases of Cattle

Tick-borne diseases Cattle

R 150.00

The DVD aims at providing the user with information about the most important tick-borne diseases of cattle in sub-Saharan Africa. The information on each disease covers mainly the aetiology, basic epidemiology, clinical signs, pathology, diagnosis, treatment and control, and is meant to complement the multimedia programme on CD (which provides greater detail on some aspects of the diseases), but may also be used as a stand-alone visual overview of the diseases theileriosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis and heartwater of cattle in this region.


Published by Linda Poggenpoel

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