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Alma Mater Fund

Alma Mater Fund

By contributing R50 or R100 a month or R600 per year (or more) you can help a prospective Tukkie to study at your alma mater. The aim of this fund is to promote continued and tangible alumni involvement with the University of Pretoria (UP). 

Choose your cause 

 You can choose to support any of the following:

  • Alma Mater General Bursary Fund  
  • Alma Mater Special Projects Fund or
  • Junior Tukkie Sustainability Fund

The Bursary Fund awards annual bursaries in various faculties to meritorious students while the Special Projects Fund supports worthy causes such as the UP Library, the advancement of campus culture, music and art and the UP Crisis Line. The Junior Tukkie Sustainability Fund assists learners in Grades 10, 11 and 12 to make responsible study and career choices.

How does it work?

  1. You donate an amount of R50 or R100 or more per month per debit order or R600 once off to UP.  You determine the amount.
  2. You select one of the following categories of membership: 

 A) Membership with NO benefits, but you will receive a tax certificate;

 B) Membership with benefits as listed below. No tax certificate is issued for this option, but you need to visit Kya Rosa to fill out the form that will enable you to obtain an access card which allows access to benefits.

Please note:

If you choose membership with benefits and want to make use of the on-campus benefits, such as access to the UP Library, you need an alumni access card.  This process starts in our office in Kya Rosa on the Hatfield Campus.  Here you will get proof of membership and information on how to obtain your access card from the UP Student Service Centre (SSC). This access card includes a photograph and is similar to a student card.  Kindly bring your ID document (not driver’s license) with you when visiting Kya Rosa. 

Access cards must be renewed annually

►Application forms are obtainable from the Alumni Relations Office. Kindly phone (012) 420 3086 for more information about the form and your access card.

Benefits and rewards of Alma Mater Fund membership

The benefits associated with membership of this project are constantly being expanded. However, the emphasis is NOT on receiving benefits, but rather on becoming a donor to your Alma Mater, UP.

The current benefits are:

  1. You are captured on our database as a donor and friend of UP and will receive all UP alumni publications, as well as invitations to special concerts and functions.
  2. You receive an access card which grants you, among others, admission to the UP Library.  Benefits are determined by the Library.
  3. Your child qualifies for a R1,000 discount on tuition fees when he/she registers as a first-year student for the first time. A separate form must be completed for this discount. This discount is managed by the Division: Study Finance and is indicated on the student account.


  1. The first R50 payable with registration is towards membership dues. 
  2. Separate registration is required at the library (annual fee of R50). Library benefits come into effect two (2) working days after registration at the library.
  3. For members making use of the library benefit, the minimum membership period is one year.
  4. Please note: When applying for the R1,000 discount for first-year children of members, all normal admission and selection procedures still apply. This discount is only allocated after registration, and is deducted from the tuition fee account until it reaches a zero balance. No payments are made thereafter. Valid for South African citizens only.
  5. For members making use of the R1,000 discount membership is compulsory for at least three years.
  6. Please note that you need to inform us of your decision to cancel the debit order after it has run for a year; it will not be cancelled automatically.
  7. Members only receive these benefits while they contribute to the project and remain in possession of a valid access card. Access cards must be renewed annually.
  8. Alumni Relations reserves the right to amend the benefits, conditions or functioning of the Fund at any time. Amendments will be announced in the alumni publications.
  9. You are welcome to contact us at tel (012) 420-3086 for further information.

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