Working Papers



WP-21-01 Technical efficiency of water boards in South Africa: a costing and pricing benchmarking exercise. Ngobeni, Breitenbach.

WP-21-02 Comparative fiscal regimes of the oil and gas sectors in Ghana, the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada and Nigeria. Ali-Nakyea


WP-20-01 An analysis of the impact of jurisdictional fragmentation on property taxes in Ghana. Oppong.

WP-20-02 Estimating wasted resources in South African public schools - a DEA approach. Ngobeni, Aye, Breitenbach.


WP-19-01 The evolution of property taxes in post-Socialist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Brzeski, Románová, Franzsen.

WP-19-02 Viewing illicit financial flows through the lens of a wicked problem. Schlenther.  


WP-18-01 Policy implementation under stress - Central local government relations in property tax collection in Tanzania. Fjeldstad, Ali, Katera.

WP-18-02 Property transfer taxes. Wallace.

WP-18-03 Property taxation in Kampala, Uganda - An analytic case study on a successful reform. Kopanyi and Franzsen.

WP-18-04 Land-based finance and property tax in China. Liu.

WP-18-05 Charges for building rights - Brazil's successful experiment with value capture. Smolka.

WP-18-06 'Bridging social capital' and tax effort in developing countries. Van Oordt.

WP-18-07 The property tax base and its revenue potential: The case of Brazil. de Carvalho Junior.

WP-18-08 Using information and communication technology to enhance local government revenue collection in Tanzania. McCluskey et al.


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