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Academic Programmes

The Faculty of Education has the widest range of programmes for any student who intends to embark on education studies. In recent years, each of these programmes was internationally benchmarked and draws growing numbers of students from countries across the globe. 

Undergraduate studies:

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Undergraduate programmes



Postgraduate Faculty brochure:



Postgraduate programme information:


PGCHE programmes:



PGCHE selection forms:



PGCE programmes:



PGCE selection forms:



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Support sessions contact:

Contact info: Postgraduate Project Manager:


Support Session Information:

October 2015 support session: Prof Nieuwenhuis - Qualitative Research

October 2015 support session: Prof Rinelle Evans - Guidelines for speakers and useful English phrases typically used when delivering a presentation

July 2015 support session: Dr Maximus Sefotho

April 2015 support session: Dr Wendy Carvalho-Malekane
April 2015 support session: Dr Lizette de Jager

January 2015 Support Session Presentation: Prof Nieuwenhuis

SPSS notes: July Support sessions

July 2014 support sessions: Prof Jan Nieuwenhuis - Part 1-2Part 3-4        

Honorary doctorate presentations



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