Associated clinics

Three associated specialised clinics operate within the OVAH and provide service for birds and exotic species, dentistry in all species and eye care in all species respectively. Please use the links provided to access their websites, which will give you all the information you require.


Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital

The Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital has been in existence for 30 years and has been owned by Dr Dorianne Elliott since 2006. The staff are passionate and extremely knowledgeable and the level of care for patients ranging from African Greys to Zorillas is exceptional.



Vetdent SA

Dr Gerhard Steenkamp started Vetdent in 1998 and the clinic has grown from strength to strength since.  From basic scaling and polishing to highly technical maxillofacial reconstruction work, Dr Steenkamp assists all species including rhinos and other endangered wildlife species.



Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital

The Johannesburg Animal Eye Hospital was started in the mid 1990’s by Drs Anthony Goodhead and Isak Venter – both registered specialist ophthalmologists. The hospital consults on all species and performs a number of procedures to improve or rectify sight.



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