Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology)


A computed radiography system is utilised ensuring that images are immediately available to clinical staff and students via the faculty computer network. The conventional system of producing and developing hard copy films is still utilised specifically for student training.
Fluoroscopy and ultra sound are available, and a computed tomography (CT) scanner is used to provide three-dimensional x-ray ‘slices’ for in-depth radiographic diagnostics.
Nuclear imaging which utilises a gamma camera, offers another means of imaging patients in order to obtain the most accurate visual image for diagnostic purposes.

General Information

Clinic hours: 08.00 – 16.30 weekdays   Tel +27 12 529 8108 / 8282

Important Note: In compliance with international safety regulations, and to protect personnel from the harmful effects of scatter radiation during radiographic procedures, PATIENTS ARE SEDATED OR FULLY ANAESTHETISED during the taking of radiographs.

Animals will be shaved for some procedures – particularly ultrasound.

KUSA and breed society certification

Appointments may be made for hip and elbow dysplasia survey radiographs as well as ultrasound for heart certification.

Please ensure that you are familiar with, and comply with all KUSA and\or breed society regulations regarding the age of your dog at the time of the examination.

Please note that certification reports will not be available immediately. Reports are no longer posted in hard-copy format but are digital only (KUSA accepts digital certificates) and will be e-mailed within 3 - 5 working days.


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