Data analytics

The University of Pretoria Pre-University Academy (UP-PUA) adopted a data-informed approach to teaching and learning, quality assurance, and general operations. Different stakeholders collect, share and use data about the learning or the management of it through their custom dashboards. Such an approach benefits operations and research, and the centrality of the data ensure accessibility.

This approach draws from the student academic development and excellence model (SADEM) to decentralise student success strategies and interventions to provide localised and student-centered strategies to a faculty level. A student success model called the Mamelodi Referral System, initially developed for the Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECPs) based on the SADEM, was adapted to meet the needs of the UP-PreUA. The Quality Assurance Portal and the Claims Portal are examples of the nuances of the UP-PreUA that are not part of the ECPs database system.

Please access the dashboard:

   Learning Analytics  


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Ogude, N. A., Majozi, P. C., Mathabathe, K. C., & Mthethwa, N. (2021). The Management of Student Success In Extended Curriculum Programmes: A Case Study of The University of Pretoria’s Mamelodi Campus, South Africa. South African Journal of Higher Education35(4), 237-252.




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