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Care-Mayku Mask

The CARE‐Mayku Mask is a vacuum-formed, re‐usable protective mask with removable 
(single use) filter material. The composite mask consists of (a) an impermeable body
through which, if in good condition and fitted tightly to the user’s face, no external
aerosol and/or particles can be transported and (b) a filter segment through which all the
inhaled and exhaled breath flows when the mask is fitted properly to the user's face.
The CARE‐Mayku Mask is designed to ensure that no voids exist anywhere on or within
the product that could form flow channels for particle ingress. This is accomplished by
manufacturing the mask from sheets of PTEG. The CARE‐Mayku instructions for
manufacturers (CARE for MAKERS) also require that each mask is (a) carefully inspected
for any visible holes, using a torch (b) filled with water for 20 seconds to check
impermeability. Guidance is provided to users explaining how they can inspect each mask
and confirm it is airtight.

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The MRC Public Health Intervention Development Scheme (PHIND) supports the early stages of the development of interventions that address an important UK or global public health issue. Studies funded by the scheme will develop the necessary evidence to underpin the later development and evaluation of novel public health interventions.

The scheme supports projects that will develop innovative new interventions that address an important UK or global public health issue and seeks to encourage a novelhigh-risk approach to intervention development. Complex, population-level interventions, with a focus on non-healthcare settings (such as transport, education, employment, leisure and the built environment), are considered particularly suitable. Health care settings are not excluded, but projects should demonstrate potential for improved health of general, high risk or vulnerable populations.  In addition, proposals that align with the NIHR Public Health Research Programme or for MRC Global Health schemes are particularly welcomed.

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