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Connecting with Care South Africa


2021 Faculty Day

019 Tessa Marcus, Greenhouse Cartoons Screening for Health - The Breathcatcher Mask (4:50)

2017  Tessa Marcus, Gerhard Cruywagen, Jannie Hugo A Capability Approach to Learning (6:40)

2017  Hemishika Productions Moreleta Street Medicine Project 2 (4:18)

2016 Tessa Marcus, Jannie Hugo, Sam Fehrson, Gerhard Cruywagen UP - Education Video (6:40)

2015  Tessa Marcus and Gerhard Cruywagen The Best Food For Baby (3:49)

2015  Tessa Marcus and Gerhard Cruywagen  The “What” and “Why” of Exclusive Breastfeeding (6:24)

2015  Tessa Marcus and Gerhard Cruywagen How do you know Baby is getting enough food (2:25)

2014  Anton van Dyk, Tessa Marcus, Gerhard Cruywagen Community Oriented Primary Care (15.28)






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