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UPA logo


A bee within a honey cell


The symbol of the bee was taken from the coat of arms of the University, where the Dexter head contains three bees on a red field. The bees symbolize activity and were taken from the coat of arms of Pretoria.

In 1999 the newly appointed University Archivist, Prof K.L. Harris, decided to design a coat of arms for the Archive to represent the image of the Archive in visible form. At the end of that year the logo was approved, as well as the use of it on letterheads for internal use and in exhibitions presented by the Archive.


As on the coat of arms of the University and the city coat of arms, the bee symbolizes activity, especially gathering, which is one the Archive’s main tasks, namely the gathering of information.

The honey cell symbolizes safe keeping, as the Archives serves as a place of preservation for the history of the University.

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