BA Honours in Translation and Professional Writing


Programme Manager

Mrs. R. Marais, HB 9-24, Tel: 012 420 4592, email: [email protected]


Admission Requirements

  • An approved three-year bachelor’s degree (or other comparable tertiary qualification – with the approval of Senate) worth 360 credits, with a minimum of 34 credits in languages, linguistics or a language-related discipline.
  • At least 30 credits at third-year level in one language, and at least 24 credits at first-year level in a second language.
  • An average of at least 65% in each of the two languages.
  • An average of at least 65% in the admissions test.


Additional Requirements

  • The chosen language pair must include either English or Afrikaans (it may include both).
  • The choice of the other language is dependent on whether it can be accommodated in a specific year.


Minimum Credits Required                                                                                                    [120]

Research                                                                                                                                       [30]

Core Modules                                                                                                                               [55]

Elective Modules                                                                                                                         [35]


Curriculum                                                                                                                                 Credits


TRL 700 Research                                                                                                                        [30]


Core Modules

The following two modules are compulsory:

TRL 710 Translation Principles and Techniques                                                                     [20]

TRL 711 HLT in Translation Practice                                                                                        [20]

One of the following modules is also compulsory.

Choose according to your language combination:

AFR 767 Redaksionele Versorging                                                                                            [20]

AFR 758 Advanced Editing: African Languages                                                                      [20]

DTS 751 German Stylistics                                                                                                         [20]

ENG 777 Editing                                                                                                                           [15]

FRN 762 Principles and Practice of Professional Translation (French)                             [24]


Elective Modules

Select two of the following modules:

FRN 752 Semantics and Interpreting (French)                                                                       [24]

LEX 710 Terminology                                                                                                                  [20]

TRL 712 Foundations of Interpreting                                                                                       [20]

TRL 713 Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling                                                                           [20]

TRL 751 Literary Translation                                                                                                     [20]

AFR 711 Afrikaanse Skeppende Skryfwerk*                                                                           [20]

ENG 780 Creative Writing*                                                                                                        [15]

LCC 717 Introduction to Copywriting                                                                                      [20]


* Students may take either AFR 711 or ENG 780, but not both.

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