The following Postgraduate Programmes are available at the Department:


The purpose of the Coursework Masters in Town and Regional Planning qualification is to deepen qualified learners’ knowledge in specialised aspects of Town and Regional Planning and related fields through prescribed course work and to provide learners with the competencies to plan, execute and write up scientific research in the urban and regional planning field.

Students have to complete the degree over two years. Should students not be able to complete the degree over two years, they will have to apply for an extension of their study period, which can either be approved or disapproved by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty. The structure of the courses and the contents of the subjects themselves may, from time to time, be revised. Although the Department will endeavour to accommodate students, as far as possible, in the process of completing their studies, revisions to courses and subjects may cause them to do additional work or follow additional or revised subjects. 

The coursework programme is delivered through eight ‘block weeks’ per year, in the form of two back-to-back ‘block weeks’ per semester. For each module students have to attend two compulsory two-and-a-half day block weeks in a semester. The table below provides the distribution of modules if a student completes the programme in two years:

Two-year Programme:



Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 1

Semester 2

TRP 810
TPI 811
TPS 810

TPS 820
TPD 820
TPI 821

TPE 810
TPU 810
TPW 810

TPE 820

Based on previous experience, it was found that students employed on a full-time basis, with domestic and other responsibilities, find it difficult to complete the two year programme, therefore it is advised that students dedicate enough time by extensively reading their study material and presentations and attend all compulsory classes to enable them to succesfully complete the programme.


Programme Modules:

  • TRP 810: An overview of planning theory and practice;
  • TPI 811: Metropolitan and urban area-based interventions;
  • TPS 810: Sustainable settlement planning and design;
  • TPU 810: Land use management and land development
  • TPW  810: Institutional and legal structures for planning
  • TPD 820: Integrated development planning;
  • TPI 821: Regional interventions;
  • TPS 820: Introduction to urban design;
  • TPE 810: Research methodology; and
  • TPE 820: Mini-dissertation.

(The medium of instruction is English.)

Please see 'Student Resources - Postgraduate' for information application, admission, registration and class fee information.

Application and administrative enquiries:
Ms S (Stefanie) Steenberg

Telephone: +27 (0)12 420-5315, email: [email protected]

Program coordinator:
Dr Kundani Makakavhule

Telephone:+27 (0)12 420 4180, e-mail:[email protected]



The full prospectus for the research masters and PhD programmes can be downloaded [here].

Application and administrative enquiries (Research masters):
Ms S (Stefanie) Steenberg

Telephone: +27 (0)12 420-5315, email: [email protected]


Application and administrative enquiries (PhD):
Mr K (Kenneth) Nkanyana

Telephone: +27 (0)12 420-6735, email: [email protected]

Programme coordinator (Research masters & PhD):

Prof Karina Landman

Telephone:+27 (0)12 420 6379, e-mail: k[email protected]

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