As a species, human beings are placing enormous pressures on our World and a multitude of other species, risking extinction not only of many of these species, but also of humanity itself. Closer to home, South Africa faces the enormous challenge of providing a meaningful and rewarding life to all those that live in it in an environmentally-responsible way.

Planning in and for urban, regions and rural areas, provides a way of taking on these challenges that not only guarantees survival of the species, but also opens up routes towards wiser, better informed and more compassionate ways of living in harmony with (1) each other and (2) all other species on the planet. By graduating with a degree from our department, you become part of a group of passionate, caring professionals, both in South Africa and abroad who have made this calling their life. We trust that embarking on a career in planning will be one of the best choices you have made, not only for yourself, but also for the millions of others who will be affected by your professional endeavours in a multitude of profound ways.  

Published by Samukelo Mazibuko

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