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STUDENT AND SUPERVISOR: A different process is followed in the Faculty with regard to doctoral research and postgraduate doctoral supervision. When the student’s research proposal is reasonably ready according to the satisfaction of student and supervisor, the proposal MUST BE DEFENDED BEFORE it MAY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. Therefore:

  • Supervisor to give notice of the defence at which the supervisor is expected to be present. The date for the defence is determined by the Department. For example, in DCE, three dates are set at the beginning of the year for doctoral defences.
  • Supervisor responsible to provide other members of the Department with a copy of the completed research proposal at least one week in advance.
  • Members of the Department are expected to work through research proposal and give their commentary at defence.
  • Defence to be chaired by any member of the Department other than supervisor.
  • The defence is also open to other doctoral students and staff members of other departments.
  • Student to present his/her research proposal for about 15 minutes, paying attention especially to title, overview of research, objectives and timeline.
  • Members to decide on one of the following outcomes:
  1.            The research proposal be accepted;
  2.            The research proposal be accepted with noted corrections;
  3.            The research proposal be reviewed and resubmitted; or
  4.            The defence to be repeated.
  • All decisions must be recorded (in writing) and minuted.
  • If the research proposal is not accepted as presented, the student must attend to the research proposal as decided on during the defence. Supervisor to ensure that the outcome of the defence committee is attended to.
  • Supervisor to ensure that approved/revised research proposal is submitted ONLINE .
  • The online submission of the proposal must take place 1-2 weeks after defence has been completed.
  • Mrs Daleen Kotze request from the HOD to appoint an evaluator from the relevant department to do a final evaluation.
  • If in order, the research proposal is sent to the Research Committee for final approval. If not, it is returned to the supervisor. Supervisor to attend to evaluation in collaboration with the student and resubmit. This will be handled by the electronic online proposal submission system.

STEP 2             


STUDENT: Sends notice of intention to submit (3 months before submission)

Notice of intent to submit form, to [email protected]

STEP 3       

SUPERVISOR: Completes dwarsvorm for examiner approval
STEP 4 STUDENT: Submits as per the requirements and within the due dates for submission Postgraduate guide 2020


No student will be allowed to submit a dissertation or thesis for examination without the approval of the supervisor. The printed submission form must be obtained at Student Administration. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that the dissertation or thesis satisfies the minimum standards.

The student must on recommendation of the supervisor, inform Student Administration in writing of his/her intention to submit – three months before the final submission.

Only complete submissions, with all the required documentation will be accepted.

Submission deadlines:

  • 30 April to qualify for the Spring graduation ceremony in September and
  • 30 August to qualify for the Autumn graduation ceremony in April.

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