STEP 1   



STUDENT: Compiles research proposal with the help of supervisor

STUDENT and SUPERVISOR signs Motion of Agreement (MoA)

STUDENT consults the University’s Plagiarism Policy

MOA for Academic Supervision of Postgraduate Student












STUDENT: Confirm if student will be doing empirical research or not.







If the student is intending to do empirical research the student must add the following documents to the research proposal:

  • A short description of the nature of the empirical study (how and why will you conduct research like this)
  • An informed consent draft letter to be signed by participants
  • A draft application to the applicable authorities to conduct research in a specific community/organisation
  • A complete list of all of the questions that will be asked
If a student is NOT doing empirical research, these extra documents are not necessary.

Research proposal and title registration

Appointment of supervisor

The Head of Department will nominate a suitable supervisor for appointment by the Postgraduate Committee. The relevant department will inform the student in writing of the official appointment of the supervisor. The nomination must be done by the supervisor on the prescribed form (dwarsvorm) obtainable from Student Administration.

Memorandum of understanding

After registration, the supervisor and student will enter a memorandum of understanding. This document will provide a basis for the interaction between the student and the supervisor. It is the responsibility of the student to plan and manage his/her studies in accordance to this agreement.

Research proposal

The research proposal outlines the proposed procedures of a specific research project. It is a crucial step in the research process and must ensure that quality is built into the research process at an early stage.

The research proposal should therefore identify a problem and give evidence that the student has a firm grasp on the problem to be investigated.

Ethical clearance

A student must apply for ethical clearance to commence with fieldwork. An application must be submitted together with his research proposal to the Research & Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Theology. Information on the electronic submission and acquisition of the ethical clearance form can be obtained from the secretary of the Research & Ethics Committee. Contact your supervisor.


Read the available information brochures on this topic.

Approval of research proposal – research committee

A research proposal of approved academic standard is compiled with the guidance of the supervisor. Submission information is available on the website

Registration of the title

The Postgraduate Committee of the Faculty must approve a title. The supervisor must submit the title to the Chairperson of the Postgraduate Committee on recommendation of the relevant head of the department.

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