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Student Administration

We are here to assist all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students registered
in the Faculty of Humanities.

We are able to assist you with admission queries, registration, module/subject changes, Advise on general administrative matters.


Where to find us

North-western corner of the Information Technology Building (IT 2-9), to the right-side of the
Humanities Building (entrance just across the parking lot from the Student Service Centre)

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Applications to study at the University of Pretoria in 2023 are already closed. Our Faculty has filled its capacity and no late applications are considered.

Online Applications for 2024 open in April 2023.

To check your admission status:

- Visit your UP student portal
- Call +27 (0)12 420 5347



REGISTRATION 2023: Extended date for 2023 registration – 10 March 2023.


APPEALS: If you have submitted an appeal via your portal, the outcome will be reflected on your UP student portal under the Communications section. 

We know that you may be feeling anxious if you have not received a response to your appeal.  We would like to bring to your attention that most of the appeals submitted have now been reviewed by the Faculty of Humanities Appeals Committee.

We are working tirelessly to complete the appeals process and upload the results on the system, following our scheduled meetings.  As soon as a decision is taken, it is conveyed to the student.

As you know, we extended the deadline for appeals several times. This was to allow as many students as possible to appeal. However, students are assured that they will all receive the outcomes of their faculty appeals before the final date of registration – 3 March 2023.

Please note that the University has given students who lodged appeals access to ClickUP to keep abreast of what is going on with academic life. HODs have also been made aware that some students will only be able to register late and were asked to accommodate them when they resume lectures.

When you arrive on campus, please present the Security Officers with your student card and the exclusion letter to gain access.

Should the outcome of your appeal be negative, access to ClickUP and the campus will, unfortunately, be revoked.

Secretariat:  Faculty of Humanities Appeals Committee


Please visit these sites for more information linked to student administration:
Online Registration
Full Financial information

Faculty degrees and Curriculum Includes a guide to the modules required within a degree programme, the number of credits and any other important information required for the degree.




Extension for registrations for current postgraduate students: Herewith the application for extension for registration


Why UP?

Your higher education experience will help you develop academic and professional skills. You will also be able to develop your social and personal skills so that you can become a future game-changer.

UP is one of the largest research universities in South Africa and we have 9 highly regarded faculties. As a UP student you are part of a larger academic community, surrounded by people with a real passion for their subjects. At UP you are encouraged to take charge of your own learning, which means you can:

  • Choose your subjects
  • Manage your time
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you

The Faculty of Humanities offers courses in classic academic fields like Philosophy and Political Sciences as well as rapidly evolving fields of study like Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Our Departments are equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities, technology, libraries and practical learning opportunities such as internships.

What are the Humanities?

The Humanities are a group of academic areas that study what it means to be human. Our humanity is shaped by the literature we read, the history we share, the languages and cultures we encounter and the way our leaders wield their power.

Students in the humanities develop:

  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Critical thinking skills
  • A better understanding of civic responsibility
  • Appreciate different cultures and histories

With us you will be able to question humanity’s most pressing problems and help produce research that can solve them!

Why the Faculty of Humanities?

The Faculty of Humanities is internationally recognized for the quality of teaching research, and community work. The coursework combines academic and practical skills, embraces innovation, and encourages entrepreneurial thinking. The Faculty of Humanities is committed to helping students develop essential work experience that broadens their ability to think laterally and innovate. Through our Student Entrepreneurship Office, our students can access a range of internship, mentoring, and business development opportunities located in the broader UP community.



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