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Welcome to Humanities Student Administration

Students in the Faculty of Humanities (both undergraduate and postgraduate) may visit the Student Administration office with their academic needs, starting on the day of their first registration, right through to the day that they graduate.

Services rendered to students, broadly entail
  • providing assistance during registration;
  • handling changes to and the cessation of modules;
  • handling any changes to a student’s administrative particulars, such as a change of address, matric symbols, etc.;
  • processing and announcing examination results, inter alia on the web and through the mail;
  • handling queries with regard to the yearbook and amendments to the Yearbook;
  • providing information on administrative matters;
  • providing assistance with graduation ceremonies.

Where to find us

North-western corner of the Information Technology Building (IT 2-9), to the right-side of the Humanities Building (entrance just across the parking lot from the Student Service Centre).
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Current Students
Faculty of Humanities
Important information for undergraduate students
  1. Special examination dates: Students who qualified to write special examination must visit the Faculty website to check the examination dates.


  1. Dismissed/Excluded: Visit the University website to get more information on the process of Appeal or click the following link:

Students are required to appeal online. Closing date to appeals:  15 January 2021

Faculty Appeals Committee will meet on the following dates:

28 January 2021

4 February 2021

11 February 2021

18 February 2021

Please note that once you have uploaded an appeal on the portal you will not be allowed to add or modify any information/documentation. It is therefore important to read the appeal guidelines. When uploading appeal motivation and supporting documents on your portal, please ensure that you submit under 2020 academic year. 

  1. Transferring students: Applications to transfer to the Faculty of Humanities in 2021 are currently closed. External students who have already applied are required to submit a stamped official academic record and the certificate of conduct on or before 31 January 2021.


  1. Registration: Please click the following link to get more information on registration:


  1. Orientation: Please click the following link to get more information:


Prospective Students

Undergraduate Faculty Brochure 2020/2021:




Important information for Postgraduate students

Postgraduate 1st years: Contact meeting dates:


Registration after submission of mini-dissertation/dissertation/thesis

Students who have submitted mini-dissertation/dissertation/thesis are required to remain registered until the requirements for the degree are met.


Prospective Students

No current information




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