Research Focus Areas

The developments that have taken place in the SPMA over recent years have been made possible by a remarkable team of experts that comprise the SPMA’s staff complement. Students are privileged to have lecturers and supervisors who are leading experts in their respective fields. Staff members of the SPMA take their research findings beyond the pages of international journals and fulfil advisory roles where they share their knowledge and research with government. They also travel extensively to attend and participate in conferences nationally and internationally, and postgraduate students are encouraged to do the same.

 Research focus areas

  • Theory and Practice of Public Administration and Management
  • Public Policy Studies
  • Public Sector Organisational Studies
  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • Public Sector Human Resource Management
  • Public Sector Leadership
  • Intergovernmental Relations and Cooperative Government
  • Local Government and Administration
  • Ethics in the Public Sector
  • Teaching and Learning of Public Administration


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