Application Process: Professional Master's in Psychology

Applications for the MA Clinical, Counselling & Research Psychology programmes are now open via the UP Admission Link below. The Online Departmental Application Forms and Referee Reports Links are also now available via the Instruction Letter Links below.  The application process will close 31 May 2022 at 23:55 for each programme. NO late applications will be accepted.
DO NOT make use of any old documentation. The process changed significantly. ONLY make use of the links on this page.  NO other forms will be accepted, and NEVER make use of a previous year's documents.
On this page:
- About the Professional Master's Programmes
- Information on the TWO Compulsory Application Processes
- Instruction Letters containing crucial information on the Online Departmental Application Process
- Important Deadlines
- Virtual Selection Dates
- Contact Details
The Department offers three coursework master's programmes, namely; Clinical, Counselling and Research Psychology. Click on the yearbook links below for important programme information and requirements on the respective programmes:
Admittance to any one of these programmes depends on a selection process.  Further information about the application process can be obtained below.
Applicants are invited to apply for any one of its Professional Master’s Programmes in Psychology, namely: MA Clinical, Counselling or Research Psychology by following the compulsory processes below.
Step 1:  Application for Admission to UP
  • Prospective students need to first complete the “Online Application for Admission” to the University of Pretoria on; and
  • Current UP (enrolled) students need to complete the “Internal Application” via their Student Portal - Student Centre - Internal Application
Step 2:  Online Departmental Application Process
  • It is essential to read the Instruction Letter (link will be active 05 Apr 2022) for your chosen programme carefully to avoid disqualification
  • The Instruction Letters (links will be active 05 Apr 2022) for each programme contain specific Google Form links. It is essential that you apply on the relevant Online Departmental Application Form for your chosen programme.
  • Only submit the supporting documentation via supplied links in the Google Forms situated in your Online Departmental Application (links will be in the instruction letter) and the Online Departmental Referee Form (links will be in the instruction letter). Do not submit any support documents to the department directly via email, courier or facsimile - it will not be accepted. 
Also note that the Referee Form will also be a specific Google Form and the link will also be supplied in the Instruction Letter - this link needs to be emailed to your two selected referees to complete and submit.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure the selected referees completed and submitted the referee form via the Google Form links.
Instruction Letters Containing Crucial Information on the Online Departmental Application Process
Candidates are reminded to first complete the UP Online Application Process (Step 1), successfully before proceeding to the Online Departmental Application (Step 2), via the Instruction Letters below.  Click on the relevant links below for your chosen Professional Master's Programme Instruction Letter containing crucial information relevant to the Online Departmental Application Process (Step 2).
MA Clinical Psychology Application:         
  • Click HERE for the Instruction Letter, which includes all the relevant links to the Compulsory Online Departmental Application Form and the Referee Report 
MA Counselling Psychology Application:         
  • Click HERE for the Instruction Letter, which includes all the relevant links to the Compulsory Online Departmental Application Form and the Referee Report 
MA Research Psychology Application:         
  • Click HERE for the Instruction Letter, which includes all the relevant links to the Compulsory Online Departmental Application Form, Referee Report, Concept Proposal & Research Focus Areas 
Important Deadlines
Applications, including the uploading of all support documents for the MA Clinical, Counselling and Research Psychology programmes will close on 31 May 2022 at 23h55. The closing dates are relevant to both the UP Admission Process and the Online Departmental Application Process. NO late applications will be considered, nor will it be accepted via email, courier or facsimile.
International Students
All international students need to have their qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) before applying to the University of Pretoria for either the Academic MA or Doctoral programmes. Please go to for more information. The SAQA certificate indicates qualification equivalence and should be submitted with your qualification record below.
The University of Pretoria is also proud to announce the launch of the Centre for Language Learning. The Centre is offering courses in English as a Foreign Language, aimed specifically at international students from countries in which English is not an official language. Click here for more information.
Selection (Virtual Interview) Dates for each Programme
Applicants invited to 'attend' the virtual interviews will be supplied with a Google Meet Link prior to the interview date. NO physical contact interviews will be conducted at this stage.
MA Clinical Psychology:                05 to 09 September 2022
MA Counselling Psychology:        29 August to 01 September 2022
MA Research Psychology:            15 to 17 August 2022
Contact Details: 
Contact the Professional Master's Administrative Coordinator for assistance or information via [email protected]
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