Registration Categories for Psychologists

Applied Psychology (Faculty of Humanities, Main Campus):
  • Clinical Psychologists assess, diagnose, and intervene in order to alleviate or contain relatively serious forms of psychological distress and psychopathology, or what is commonly referred to as "abnormal" behaviour.
  • Counselling Psychologists assist relatively well-adjusted people in dealing with normal problems of life concerning all stages and aspects of a person’s existence in order to facilitate desirable psychological adjustment, growth, and maturity.
  • Research Psychologists address any of the above professional categories, not to render services to the public in that field, but to apply research methods and techniques in order to contribute to the knowledge base of that particular field.
Click here for more information on the Clinical, Counselling and Research in Psychology programmesegrees
Educational Psychology (Faculty of Education, Groenkloof Campus):
  • Educational Psychologists assess, diagnose and intervene in order to facilitate the psychological adjustment and development of children and adolescents within the contexts of family, school, social or peer groups and communities.
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Human Resource Management (Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences):
  • Industrial/Organisational Psychologists apply the principles of psychology to issues related to the work situation of relatively well-adjusted adults in order to optimise individual, group and organisational well-being and effectiveness.
Click here for more information on the Industrial/Organisational Psychology Programme
Health Professions Council of South Africa:
  • Click here for more information on the above categories and registration requirements with the HPCSA

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