Postgraduate Research Students

PhD Students

Name Degree Project
Mr G. Breedt PhD Plant Pathology     Gene expression plant growth promoters in plant growth promoting rhizobacteria Paenibacillus alvei (T29) and Lysinibacillus sphearicus (T19)
Ms M. Dlangalala PhD Plant Pathology Prevalence and characterisation of foodborne pathogens in small-scale and commercial integrated vegetable-pig production ecosystems in three South African provinces
Ms D. Kgoale PhD Biotechnology    Bacterial profiles and foodborne pathogens in leafy greens from informal supply chains
Mr E. Karoney PhD Plant Pathology Assessing the potential of UV-C as as alternative antimicrobial stategy for postharvest loss and soilage in peppers through mycobiomics
Mrs T. Molelekoa PhD Plant Pathology Monitoring the South African tomato supply chain for wastes and losses and their downstream effects on food security
Ms T. Msimango PhD Biotechnology Qualitative and quantitative microbiological risk assessment of dark leafy green vegetables commonly consumed in South Africa
Ms M. Ratshilingano PhD Biotechnology A sanitary and phytosanitary assessment of citrus greening in Southern Africa


MSc Students

Name Degree Project
Ms K. Cetyiwe MSc Plant Pathology Assessing the prevalence and diversity of Trichoderma species in commercial South African mushroom farms
Ms Y. Cetyiwe MSc Plant Pathology TBC
Ms I Coetzee MSc Plant Pathology TBC
Ms P. Madonsela MSc Biotechnology Risk evaluation on rainwater harvesting practices and perceptions
Mrs N. Mbamba MSc Biotechnology The efficacy of Moringa oleifera-zero-valent iron-sand filtration on the reduction of Escherichia coli in borehole water for use in irrigation of spinach
Ms R. Schipper MSc Biotechnology Molecular detection of Cryptosporidium in the water-soil- plant nexus within selected small-scale vegetable farms
Mr C. Schulenberg MSc Plant Pathology TBC
Mr F. Viljoen  MSc Plant Pathology Microbiomes associated with commercially produced avocado (Persea americana Mill.) fruit
Mr S. Viviers MSc Biotechnology Occurrence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria throughout the water-plant-food nexus within selected smallholder farms in South Africa


Part-time Students

Name Degree Project
Ms J-M. Erasmus BScAgric (Hons) Biocontrol on postharvest pathogens
Ms A. Setjie  BScAgric (Hons) Fungicide resistance in Phyllosticta Citricarpa causing citrus black spot


Co-Supervised Students

Name Degree Project
Mr J. Bubb MSc Plant Pathology Characterising the microbiome and pathobiome of marula fruit to reduce postharvest losses (PI: Jarishma Gokul)
Ms H. Gauché MSc Plant Pathology Determining the microbial community structure of blueberry cultivars through microbiomics (PI: Jarishma Gokul)
Ms Z. Mkhwanazi    PhD Humanities A food safety regulatory perspective in the South African informal food system
Ms M. Molapo  MSc Plant Pathology Analysis of groundnut production, preparation, quality, safety and consumption in rural areas of South Africa (PI: Quenton Krtizinger)
Ms M. van der Merwe MSc Biotechnology Microbiome characterisation of plant-based feed and environmental water in systems in South African commercial piggeries (PI: Jarishma Gokul)


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