Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to practice in South Africa as a vet if I successfully complete my masters in veterinary medicine? 
Only veterinarians already registered with the South African Veterinary Council are allowed to practice in South Africa. Students successfully completing their MMedVet will first have to first register with the SAVC before they can practice as specialists in South Africa. 

Will I be allowed to capture game if I complete the CE course in wildlife capture? 
At present game capture is a scheduled veterinary procedure. Only a vet registered with the SAVC may control the drugs used for capture. For more information please refer to the SAVC website (

Where can I find more information on the drug legislation and control? 
At present the dispensing of veterinary medicines is controlled by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa. For more information please refer to the MCC website ( Specific veterinary restriction can be found on the SAVC website (

How many years does it take for the completion of post-graduate degrees? 
The duration of the degree will depend on the degree and whether the degree is undertaken part-time or full-time. MSc degrees can be completed in one year, but more typically in two years when undertaken full time and three years part-time. MMedVet degrees are take between three and five years to complete. PhD degrees can be completed in two years full time and three years part-time. 

How many students are accepted for post-graduate studies? 
We have a limited number of positions in each of the programmes listed. These are dependant on the laboratory size and the availability of funding to undertake the research project. For more information on availability of space please contact the section head of the envisioned area of study.

Are bursaries available for post-graduate studies? 
Although bursaries to support post-graduate studies do occasionally become available, they are awarded competitively. Please contact the section head of the envisioned are of study for more information. 


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